WHAT IF you don’t need to hustle, crush your burnt out life into ashes and start living with more EASE and PLEASURE?

There’s no longer a need to …

Follow what your peers are doing because it does not feel true to you

Make comparison a constant (how tiring?!) because you know your own magic

Beat yourself up for not hitting your target because you understand and embrace your own unique path

How would you be FEELING?





Guess what happens when you are feeling HIGH VIBED?

Taking inspired actions become easier.

Life FLOWS ~

Traveling the world
Feeling healthy and energized
Building a location free business
Leading retreats around the world
Loving and connected relationships
Writing and launching your best selling book …

Yes, it may sound out of the world but it truly is possible, if you BELIEVE so!




22nd TO 24th APRIL, 2019 (9PM EST)

23rd TO 25th APRIL, 2019 (9AM HKT)

 Join me in a 3-day challenge where you will …

1)   Understand how your soul purpose is related to your life & biz

2) Create space to connect with your Soul

3) Get grounded to take steps forward when you feel overwhelmed

4) Daily actions to help you gain clarity of your true desires and self created blockages

5) Daily support from like-minded women in the group

6) A safe and sacred space for you to share and be vulnerable

7) BONUS heart opening meditation

You will walk away feeling …

Lighter and clearer

Safe and grounded

A shift in your vibration

Ready to take new actions and be led by your Soul

 Just in case we have not met, I’m Karin, a mum who left her 20 years corporate life eights months after a silent meditation retreat. I used to live a burnt out life, trying to juggle work and family, leaving no space for myself.

I know exactly how draining it can be when you have to meet the demands of life and feeling unfulfilled. This is how I started to question my auto-pilot life, lean in to my soul and embark on a new journey to create a fulfilled and abundant life.

By the way, I love the woowoos, so yes, it’s an important part of my soul’s growth. However, I find what’s more important is the integration of spirituality into practicality. That’s my jam and also where magic happens!

I’ve created this little 3-day challenge to help you to do the same. There’s always the first step to take and this may be IT!