Do you want to know your gifts and

how to create value and leverage it?


Every soul is created differently with total perfection and love. As we live through each lifetime, various choices and decisions may bring us away from our authenticity due to societal, cultural, environmental structures, resulting in the creation of us limiting our personal beliefs.


What is Akashic Record?

Akashic Record is an energetic database of a Soul's journey. Every thought, word and deed creates energetic effect through time and space. These energetic states are recorded in the Akashic Record, and when no changes have been made, may create repeating limitation to one over many lifetimes.

Accessing the record is a great way to gain an overview of your present situation. It is an opportunity to release longstanding limitations, repeating patterns and open up for deep healing at the Soul level.

The record also holds the answer to your Soul's natural talent. By having an overview of what comes naturally to you (and the shadow side of it), it provides you with the awareness and insight to your life and business situations. 

Information picked up during our session will only be practical and ones that you are ready to receive.  These information appears for their transformational value which is useful for your present stage in life. 

Akashic Record Reading accelerates your path with clarity, ease and awareness!


By accessing the Akashic Record, you will:

Discover your natural gifts & talents at the soul level

Gain clarity on how choices made in your previous lifetimes might become the blocks and restrictions
that stop you from attaining your dreams now

Discover your life lessons

Gain an insight of your relationship with yourself and others


This is an opportunity to:

Increase your SELF-AWARENESS and INSIGHT about your situation

Become the MASTER of your life and CONFIDENTLY put yourself in the driver's seat

Open a door to the FULFILLING life you have been searching for

Be EMPOWERED and know you can truly live your true potential life

Step into a new phase of your life feeling SAFE (because you know how to leverage your gift)


You will receive:

1 x 60-minute personalized Akashic Record Reading

 Gain clarity about your Soul-level gifts and blocks & restrictions

 Energy clearing for your blocks & restrictions that that prevent you from thriving and being the “best” you

 Homework to seed your the new energies into the physicality





P/S: Payment and time for this session can be credited towards the 90-day Manifestation-in-Action program if signed up within 24 hours after the session ended.

What's next? 
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Be sure to fill in and return the pre-session questonaire (which will be emailed to you after your booking) to me at least 48 hours prior to our appointment.