What is Akashic Record?

Akashic record is an information database of your soul’s journey since its first incarnation. Every thought, decision, emotion, choice and action of the soul has been recorded over each lifetime. It provides a reference of how your choices made previously, results in your present human life experience.

What do I have to prepare for the reading?

When you have decided to do a reading, simply in the form for each requested reading and process the payment. We will then schedule a time to go through your reading via audio Skype.

When will the reading be done after my payment?

Kindly provide a 3-days allowance for an email confirmation. The reading is usually scheduled within the next 14 days, unless other notice has been given.

Can readings be done for anybody?

Readings can only be done for souls who have given the permission to read and do clearing. Refund will be made if permission is not granted.

After the reading and energy clearing, does it mean I am able to get what I want?

You can create and uncreate what you want in life, but the first step is to own it and take responsibility. The readings provide you an insight to your situation and authentic self. Clearing work opens a new door to your new state of being. Staying mindful of your choices and most importantly taking actions true to your soul will bring you a step closer to your desired outcome.