You Don't Always Need To Know

Life has gone a little crazy and almost unexpected. At times, it feels like I’m on a whirlwind to an unknown space and time.

I have no idea what to expect. There’s a mix of anticipation, excitement and fear. I wonder often, where is life bringing me.

Yet, over and over again, it brings me the same message – all is well. 

Do you have similar experiences? 

Even in FLOW~, sometimes we still prefer to hold on a little. We don't surrender enough to the unknown, not poised enough to trust. By holding on a little tighter, we are hoping to feel an inch bit safer.

Where are you now?

Holding on dearly to what you believe to be true or trusting your intention and action will lead you to where you need to be?

Sometimes, you don't always need to know but to let go and trust.

Letting go is not giving up, nor is it passive. It is about actively opening up to new possibilities. 

It may sound weak, but it truly is coming from a place of abundance!

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Leading From The Soul

I looked at the old me - the one that persisted on taking actions to do things the "right" way.

The "right" way might not be anything truly "right" but a set of conditioned beliefs and sometimes fear. The fear of being judged and being thought as otherwise.

Being "right" allowed me to fit in and so I belonged. I needed to be somewhere for I wasn't really clear who would I be if alone - no community, no tribe, no team, no friends, no family ...

And so I compromised.

I am not a whole lot different now but I am definitely living from a different place. Now, I get clear on my values and their relationships with my priorities. I still embrace differences with an open heart but know where to draw my boundaries.

Everyone is different and I understand my own made-up therefore I realign my energies to match my desires.

I acknowledge and accept my wounds, patterns and weaknesses - reflect, take a bow and shift.

Having a goal and taking actions are important but nothing beats actions that come from a place of non-doing, a place of ease and pleasure (loads of inner work needed!).

I've reaffirmed my views about leadership.

You are a leader when you hold a vision, overflow with abundance from within and take actions from this place of prosperity and sharing - soft and tender.

Everyone can be a leader if you allow yourself to be led by your soul. Hence it's not about "following" but finding the alignment - even when it comes to working with a leader that you respect.

Yes, there's ups and downs in life but when you allow yourself to soften and release the need to control, you become strong from inside.

You start to live YOU.

This is when and where you truly belong - to your SOUL and the WORLD.


Soul Purpose

I see many wonder and seek to gain clarity about their soul purpose. In fact, I have been one for a long time and figured some things out along the way.

Understanding your spiritual gift and talent through the Akashic Records is a very useful way to find out how you can leverage them in your purpose. With that knowledge you may still be wondering what should you be doing with it?

Give this a thought - what if you expand and diversify this concept of finding your soul purpose beyond one specific idea or role?

Since our souls are here to live the human experience, it makes sense that our soul purpose will be to experience what excites and fulfills us.

It is one that sparks a connection within and beyond.

It is one that reveals you to your deeper truth.

It is one that allows you to creatively express yourself with much ease and pleasure all around your heart.

When your perspectives expand, you are opening invitation to new experiences. There is no limitation to what your soul purpose "should" be.

When you call in more feelings and experiences of fulfillment, ease and pleasure, pause and see how your reality has changed. See how you are filled up with abundance and vitality which overflow from your life to others.

Identify and recognize the common theme around all these experiences. It may not be anything dreamy or fanciful but it is definitely what makes you tick.

This, is probably the soul purpose you've been searching for.

The question now is how do you surrender into your purpose? ❤️🧚‍♂️


Feminine Leadership

The common image of a leader is one who possess a lot masculine energy - energetic, actions and command.

As awareness and consciousness increase, the paradox of connecting masculinity to leadership is starting to evolve.

In fact the idea of a leader / leadership has been continuously expanding and diversifying in depth and dimension.

The truth is, everyone can be a leader in your own world, if you choose to listen and allow yourself to be led by your soul.

When you silence your busy mind and take a little dive below the iceberg, an unknown world emerges.

Your vision starts to expand.

You will see and experience a world that's different from what you are used to.

Unfamiliarity may feel like a stranger yet, this is the exact opportunity for you to step forward and be led by this mysterious friend.

When you surrender and soften, you are choosing to lead and be led and at the same time.

Collaboration sets in and ties the knot.

✨You are connected - to your soul, your authenticity and your truth.

You become alive - living from your soul, your authenticity and your truth.

You found and integrated yourself with your soul.

Life renews and refreshes.

You start to see the soul and goodness of everyone else.

You see the scaredness of every moment.

You take actions from a place of love, compassion, fulfillment and abundance.

You inspire others and everyone starts to see you, shining luminously.

They want to be the same, not realizing they can also be that leader.

Collaborate. Co-create. Be the leader of your world.
PM for details to make this happen to you, through you and for you ❤️


Showing Up 100% to Your Desires

My yoga practice has been teaching me something new every single day.

When I first started my practice, I needed to rest for 2 hours after a very gentle yoga class. Yes! That was how "bad" my body was. 

After 2 years of regular practice, I can now go for classes that require higher energy level and always leave the class feeling all rejuvenated.

I am now starting to work on getting into the poses effortlessly. Again this requires practice. It is a training of the inner being and activating muscles that are hidden deep within.

A strong inner state will reflect as an effortless external state of being (think beautiful poster-like yoga pose). 

I can't help but place a link to the hypnotherapy sessions where I repeatedly witnessed the change when there is a shift within - usually when an unfinished old experience and emotion have been taken care.

As easy as it may sound, I am starting to see a new definition to the common saying of "showing up 100% to your desires". 

It is not just a decision or spur of a moment inspiration but a commitment or even to some extend a "religious practice".

Practice. Shift. Practice. Shift ...

Growth is a never ending journey. 

What are you placing in your life to scale and grow?

PM for details on working with me to cultivate your practice and show up to your desires. We will work on shifting your energies for you to be present with your SOUL and excavate your hidden potential.

Photo by Chevanon Photography from Pexels


When Healing & Transformation Take Place ...

When I was undergoing my certified hypnotherapist training more than a year ago, I remembered being totally mesmerized by the miraculous results of the unique blend of hypnotherapy method created by my teacher and yet, at the same time feeling lost when it comes to mastering the skill.

Over the past year, I practiced and worked on building my foundation. I started to look at the stories behind every emotion.

I see how human evolve, how spirituality, energy work and the metaphysical world blends in and come into play.

Yesterday marked the last day of a certified hypnotherapy course where I had an opportunity to be a teacher assistant.

I would stepped into the class every day with a "I know nothing" mindset. My intention was to open myself to more possibilities and simply be a companion to the new learners like how I was being supported previously.

The change in role and the "I know nothing" mindset have helped me reaped some unexpected harvest.

I had no idea I could assist in facilitating the learning and healing journey the way I did until I tried.

I saw myself in every single story that was presented and came to truly witness the oneness in all.

I am further convinced that life is always presenting us with possibilities and potential beyond our limited imagination, if we create space to allow our emotions to be seen and excavated.

Healing never fails to take place when it comes from a place of compassion and love.

When you acknowledge, accept and release the part of you that no longer serves you, your vibration changes. You feel different emotionally and physically.

This is when you start to take back your power. You are all set to push the button and drive your life's creation into your desired new motion again.

Healing and transformation have taken place. In this sense, how can you still be the same and be where you used to be? ❤️


When The Celebration of Being Begins ...

A ten day home renovation job turned into thirty.

A deliberate one month of non-doing turned into three months of being.

Actions and more actions have spin our world with a web of anxiety, inauthenticity, insensitivity and sometimes inefficiency.

What if you slow down and be more present?

Are you trapped and conformed in a self-created frame of thoughts limiting possibilities beyond?

What if by being present brings you a better quality of work/life, less anxiety, no more menstrual cramps (this is great one!😉), seeing the love in life, renewed vitality, more good feelings ... ... 

Ok, let's get this right - being present is not meant for the rich and idle, not out of the world, not sleeping/physical resting nor day dreaming.

It is about being aware of your past and present that make up every moment of your life now. 

It is about seeing and acknowledging. 

It is about understanding and embracing.

It is about observing here and now.

It is about getting in touch with you and knowing you from the core ... seeing you at a crystalline level.

Whoooo ... there's always so much more ... 

It can be painful to some but it is also the antidote to the pain.

What never fails to happen is a renewed understanding of who you are that gives you the clarity to move forward with grace.

With awareness and clarity you become sensitive to what's in you and around you. 

You take conscious action based on who you are and not what the world told you so.

You leave "should-ing" at the door and make a step closer to BECOME YOU.

And here's when the celebration of being begins ...


Grounding Your Roots

When you are cramped with thoughts get out in the nature and breathe. 

There’s no need for any formal spiritual ritual to get grounded.  Being out in the nature and be with your breath can be the ritual. 

Spirituality has often been mistaken for being out of the world. 

In truth it is about grounding into the world. 

Grounding your inspiration. 

Grounding your gifts. 

Grounding your voice. 

Grounding your love. 

Grounding your life. 

No, you don’t need to be a yogi. 

You don’t need to be wearing some white robes. 

You don’t need to have a dream catcher or crystal. 

You don’t need to be shaman, healer or psychic. 

You just need to be here with your breath, your body and be you. 

Check within - How often are you away from the real world, role-playing all the possibilities of a situation when none of them may be true?

You assume and try to predict the outcome (maybe that's fun and a way to spend some of your time?). 

You wear yourself out and sabotage all the infinite possibilities of positivity by giving them your imagined conclusion. 

Take actions with no assumption and expectations but from your value. 

What do you truly value?

Fun? Integrity? Freedom? Ease? ...

Choose it.  

Ground it. 

Root it. 

P/S: Stop worrying or complaining about it ;) 


Flex Your Awareness Muscle By De-cluttering

Last week my laptop was slowing down. Working on it was an inefficient task. It needed more space to increase its efficiency, so I had to free up some space to make it happen.

In the light of this, I started a de-cluttering challenge. When I moved to my present apartment a year ago, I threw away half of the house that I used to stay.

Over time I’ve picked up new stuff but I am now a lot more conscious. I think twice before I buy. In actual fact there are a lot of things that we want but they may not be needed. It’s always nice to go after the next shiny thing.

In the last few days, I have challenged myself to clear up and reorganized some photos in my laptop, unsubscribed and deleted emails from my mailbox, and keep things away from the floor, as much as possible.

All energies need a clear pathway to flow. This is also one of the theories behind the ancient wisdom of Fengshui. Imagine going into an organized space and one that’s messy, which do you feel better? This same theory applies for our body and mind.

We go for detox or juice cleansing diet, to increase the ‘efficiency’ of our body (just like cars going on regular maintenance) so we can feel lighter. For our mind, we need to consciously create space for silence in order to make room for peace and calm. Oftentimes, this is also the way to tap into our creativity, intuition and to strengthen our awareness.

It is with awareness that we realize how our lives can be different. It is also with awareness that we can work to make it better. I highly recommend to consciously create space to quiet your mind everyday and make it a habit to de-clutter your living space regularly. If possible, once every 3-6 months or so, go on a cleansing diet for a day.

We are made of many aspects and everything is inter-related. Consciously integrate de-cluttering into your life and see where it takes you after 1 month.

During this process, you may also find a change in your mindset, relationships, lifestyle, business, appearance, dressing or even taste. This is absolutely normal as you start to shift into a new vibration. ‘Things’ round you start to go through a de-selection process. They will either catch up or ‘be left behind’.

This is when you need to decide if you want to elevate, grow and expand or stay put at where you are.

Are you ready to flex your awareness muscle by de-cluttering and go through this change?

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Be Appreciative, No Matter What?

We were taught to be grateful for what was gifted to us. It is considered bad manners, disrespectful or even ‘violating’ the laws of the Universe by not being appreciative.
Being appreciative is part of my life. However, I did not come to where I am today overnight.
There were times in my younger days that I felt the unfairness, misery and even sense of victimhood rather than appreciation of the experiences that I was gifted.
In light of lifting the vibration for all, how about giving more compassion and stop all the fighting of feeling 'wrong' for not being appreciative? There may be a deeper wound that needs to be healed before appreciation can take place. There may be a different perspective why appreciation is not needed. There may be a huge chain of mechanism that’s eating away the ability to be appreciative.
EMBRACE and SURRENDER to what there is.
Observe with NO JUDGEMENT, we can perhaps quickly pick up the hiding force behind our BELIEFS, take actions to release and replace with new energies. 

Appreciation will arise together with a new state of consciousness. This is when evergreen appreciation will take place (by default). 

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2017 to 2018 - What Does It Mean to You?

As I sit here in the backyard watching the children having a good time in the pool, the cloudless blue sky and swaying leaves of these tall Aussie trees hanging in the backdrop, has certainly blown a sense of bliss into me.


It is a day away from 2018.


This is the time to look back, appreciate all the highlights and the not-so good moments of 2017.


I am totally appreciative and grateful to experience abundance in many aspects of my life in 2017.


Abundance is the energy of bliss, joy and fulfillment. Oftentimes, we relate abundance to money. Sure, it is but abundance is also plentiful and resource-full, in ways that fill us up from inside. It is a continuous flow of energy that slowly and steadily lift you into the flow yet ground you to appreciate the in between moments of sharing and receiving.


I certainly had a lot of not-so good moments in 2017 but I am choosing to embrace them and be thankful for their existence. This is how I can become aware of my own bullsh^t, before I can release, elevate, expand and evolve.


There are no blockages other than my own creation of limiting beliefs and repeating thought patterns that I have yet to find the wisdom and courage to remove myself from.


Taking full responsibility of my experience, gaining awareness and taking actions to manifest my intention are some of the most important lessons for me in 2017.


We can always choose between disbelief & procrastination or TRUST & HOPE. I have decided to waltz with the latter while going with the ebb and flow.


In the light of saying GOODBYE to 2017 and HELLO 2018, what does it mean to you?


May you be blessed with a LUMINOUS 2018!

Success, Spirituality & Abundance

Hello from Sydney, Australia!


Christmas is coming and it’s time to be back in Australia to enjoy the hot summer, oysters, beautiful blue skies, family time and so much more…


I celebrated my birthday in Shanghai, China and flying across the oceans to Sydney, Australia. For the past two years I was lucky to spend my birthday in the 3 cities of my life – Shanghai, Singapore (it’s along the flight pathway to Sydney) and Sydney.


If 60 is the new 40, I officially turned 20 this week! Woo…woooo!!!!


Ok, yes I am a vibrant 40 who for once truly feel so comfortable living in my own skin. I love being 40 and at the same time truly feeling some sort of the spirit of a millennium!


I am grateful of all that I’ve gone through in the past 40 years – both the good and bad, even though I wished there were certain things I would have done differently.


My corporate work was meaningful and I thought I found my purpose. Two years ago I questioned about my purpose again.


I started to look within and even went on a silent retreat. 8 months after the retreat, I quit my corporate job.


For a longest time, I thought living your purpose meant living with lesser money because you would be on a spiritual path. Being materially ‘successful’ is not necessary.


It’s so right and wrong at the same time!


What does success, spirituality and abundance mean to you?


My definition - Being successful means I have some money which I don't have to think twice when I spend, loving relationships (no one's an island, we are here to love and connect) and being able to always breakthrough my blockages and become a better version of me.


Going on the entrepreneurial path is probably one of the most spiritual paths I can go on.


It's always pushing me out of my comfort zone, going back to my Soul and listen to my inside world so I know when and how to use my Soul-level gift to leverage in the different areas of my life.


That brings me total EMOTIONAL FREEDOM.


I know where to focus my energies and abundance of all sorts (money, love, health, time...) start to flow with ease.


You don't have to be an entrepreneur to achieve the same outcome.


However if you do want to live your Soul purpose, then there are 3 things that you need to do:


1)   Start taking responsibility of your life

2)   Gain inner awareness for the clarity of your Soul's purpose

3)   Make choices and actions that are aligned to your purpose


Go deep and give yourself a gift before 2018 arrives with a big bang (and you realized that you are still living the same old 2017 mode).


Book a free discovery call with me and let's sort this out together


Have a great day!

Be ‘NICE’ and Erode

Who thinks that being nice is a better option?

I DID and now too, BUT with boundary.

I love harmony, pleasing people so there’s no conflict and tense energy floating around the atmosphere.

I used to believe that this is the best way out and puts everyone in a WIN-WIN situation, or at least me.

I scratch your back and you scratch mine BUT frankly, why do I need to scratch yours when deep inside me says NO?

Trying to please others in some sense is ignoring your own worth and value, unless it TRULY did not bother you.

Loving yourself and living in your own skin is huge part of realigning to your truth.

By the way, why is there a need to realign to your truth?

This is the home to your authenticity, where you can live, eat, breathe, love and dance with ease. When you Soul is aligned to your truth, you are free from worries about how others see you. It’s emotional freedom, in short.

Worries naturally project a negative vibe, which brings in more energies of the same quality. Let’s not go too much into the “woos” (yet) but does triggering a thought of lack of love contracts your body?

The next time when similar situation occurs, check into your energy. Did you feel calm and happy to please or it’s draining but ‘solves the problem’?

As you become aware of your truth, you may face the inner conflict of behaving in your old ways while tiptoeing into your newly found consciousness. The struggle is evitable as the new has yet to fully establish and the old is breaking away.

Give the new more energy by focusing on it.

Be aware of the struggle and be thankful of this grey period where the new is forming its ground.

No one else is important if you cannot take care of your own emotions and feelings. Go ahead and be a people pleaser and see how you erode and break away into pieces in time to come.

Make sense yet feel that you have no choice?

When you decide to protect your own energies, and step into your truth, your physical and energetic space starts to change. People and circumstances will go through a de-selection process. It’s either they catch up with you, get filtered and be left behind or you decide to stay put and deny the process.

If you decide to choose the latter (as running away from the pain is an easier option), you will find yourself going round and round again, staying where you are and feeling miserable about your own life.

As much as you love to be liked and be one with all, it is also more sustainable to truly know and love yourself before you spread your love. 

Yes, there is a choice and it makes sense. 

P/S: The realigning process is an ever-going journey of self-discovery. It can be made easier with support. Join me in my 90-day Manifestation-in-Action program where we fly into the woo-woos and dance on the ground together. 


Last weekend I attended a workshop on ‘Beliefs’. I signed up for it 5 months ago with the intention of adding value to my coaching work.

As I took a complete change in my lifestyle in the last 18 months, I came to realize how many of my old beliefs had shaped my life. With the new found awareness, many of these beliefs that no longer served me were released.

I felt calm and strong from within, as if there was nothing much that could not be done!

10 days before the workshop, I was pulled into a downward spiral, as I was looking for some serious up leveling. I wanted to be safe but was pushed into a corner of massive disturbance. A part of me wanted more, yet another wanted to stay with the familiarity.

The Universe always has her way to test you, yet be there to support you! This is a universal truth.

In my “massive disoriented state” I received confusing mixed messages, which in actual fact was the outcome of the mixed signals that I sent out. Dah dah … … law of attraction in the works!

As I quiet down and listen to my inside world, miracles started to appear. The Universe initiated a series of signs and messages to appear before me.

When you decide to surrender and accept you have a blockage, you lean in to the Universe and allow her guidance to flow through. The path started to lit up as you walk along and each step is presented with an A-ha moment.

Everything is about no one except you. Yet, at the same time, there is no need to judge yourself for anything. It is all about experiencing and the experience itself.

The Universe loves me.

5 months ago, she knew I had to go through this little challenge and pre-ordered the ‘Beliefs’ workshop as part of this journey. She created the space for me to be aware of a deep blockage within and at the same time prepared many little outlets for the release (when I was ready).

You might have heard of some beliefs and owned some too, yet if you play by their rules, you will never win the game. It runs like an inner program within you and ignites whenever to keep you safe, in a manipulative way. 

Become aware, surrender, elevate and expand. Continue to walk the path fearlessly; your blurred vision will become clear, as you know you are safe, for you trust.

If you are on a similar path, try out this mantra:

‘I am safe. I am loved. I am more than enough and I say YES to all that I deserve. Thank you, thank you, thank you!’

Repeat it, tune in, take inspired action and see where it leads you. 

Where Are You In Life Today?

Where are you in life today? Are you trying to move it to where you want to be? Are you facing a block that stops you from moving forward?

As much as there are a lot of talks about meditating and letting go, the hard cold truth that many struggles with meditation and releasing control.

Our will may be driving us towards our goal. We are eager to see the results and doing all that we can to reach there.

At the same time, we are being chased and tortured by our own fears. With every milestone we reach, there is a new level of fear and challenges revealed. Hence, we are being held in the same spot till we are ready to kick that door hard and bust through it!

It is about being in touch with our truth and act fully on what we believe. We are then able to merge with our truth and start to live its power!

When we are standing up for our own beliefs, our thoughts and feelings come together as one. Our heart and mind unite, and that’s when true healing takes place. You are then strong enough to let go of the fear and fully embrace the truth that you deeply believe. You will definitely need support in this process but you are also the leader to make or break it.

Cut the noise and listen deeply to your inside world. Follow your inner guidance (that's why many rave about meditation!) and act accordingly even though they make no sense at that moment.

However, do know that the outcome may not be exactly where you are expecting it to be (even though we always talk about the Law of Attraction). It is simply because your definition of “good & well” may be different from the Universe’s.

The Universe has a bigger vision and a higher perspective. If we can continuously change and shift our perception, we can then find the path to our highest potential.

Change is the only constant in the Universe. Make it the same for our consciousness. 

Flying with the Woo-woos - Infotainment or Infoaction?

What do you do when you are looking for information?

Do you Google? Find them in Facebook, Reddit or Yahoo?

Before you realize, the information you are searching will pop up in different formats once you turned on your computer, tablet or phone! It can be presented as a website, an advertisement, a podcast, an article or even a course!

In this advance digital world, there is absolutely no lack of information out there (plus you are being tracked down!).

Take for an example, if you want to know more about increasing your awareness, your life purpose, challenge a breakthrough or manifest your desire, you may deliberately or unconsciously “bump” into topics or information that are related.

Spirituality, the metaphysics, energy work, shamanism or the so-called woo-woos in general, have found many new fans with the awakening of consciousness of many in recent years.

It’s always nice to be “up there”.  Don’t get me wrong. I LOVE THE WOOs and probably can’t be where I am without it.

What’s your reaction after reading or experiencing the Woos?

Are there times when you feel that the information is pretty much the same? There may be even times when you may question the originality of the contents!

What’s most important is WHAT do you do with the information?! Do you just leave them as a piece of information with no actions taken?

We are all curious beings. It’s always fun to know more and peeping into the unknown make the whole journey more interesting.

However, there are 3 questions you may want to ask yourself:

1) Have you ever taken a step back and relook at the information you received or learnt?

2) Have you put them into practice and give them a life?

3) Are they being left as a piece of information and simply fill up the space in the midst of your loss in direction?

Everything exists for the value it possesses. Does your pursue of woo-woos exist as infotainment or do you transform it into infoaction?

The Universe gifts us with universal wisdom to provide us with a choice for greater human life experience. How do we then create tangible results for it to serve the purpose it’s meant to be?

The ball is in your court.

Why Is It So Hard?

When life is not going the way you want to, you find it tough to move forward.

When your relationship is not blooming, you wonder if you should continue with the same partner.

When your business is not taking off, you get frustrated and wonder what have you not done to make it work.

Why is it always so hard for you when it seems so easy for others?

You might have put in all the effort that's required, yet you are not seeing results.

There are a few reasons for this, but many voice down to the lack of clarity.

How can you achieve that clarity?

A few questions to ponder:

1) You need to know who you are.

2) What do you really want?

3) What's your unique gift and talents and you know exactly how to leverage it to maximize your potential?

4) Most importantly what do you do with the information or signs you received? Do you still continue to stay in your comfort zone because it's familiar?

No transformation will take place when you remain where you are, or you do not need to be seeking for clarity.

There are many deep-rooted beliefs from our past experience that converge to fear.

These fears may even be energetically woven into our DNA, which requires energetic cleansing combined with the decision and determination to move out of it.

The Universe operates on freewill. There's always a choice but a decision has to be made. Remember, choosing to stay put with no actions taken is also a decision. 

Act as If ...

I attended a channeling workshop over the last weekend and had some great fun!

During the workshop, I channeled for others and myself. It was interesting as it was good to remove myself from the laptop and meet some people!

A day after the workshop, I received a very kind thank-you message from the beautiful lady sitting next to me.

She was amazed at how those channeled messages spoke and related to her present situation. I knew nothing about her when we started the session.

No one would ever imagine this beautiful young lady to be someone who feels deeply lonely. Behind her beautiful face hides loneliness and fear towards love. I later found out that she shut down her fashion accessory business 2 years ago and retreated to her own “cave”.

I saw how some issues from her childhood days had kept her from moving forward. She has yet to make a decision to move out of it. In fact, she was unaware of its effect on her life; hence, she has been self-sabotaging by choosing to live in fear.

Yes, there are some healing to be done. However, at the end of the day, what she needs is to trust that she is love and is being loved! She needs to take actions by being open to be healed and start loving. 

No healing of any sorts – energetically or psychologically can have any profound effects, if one has no awareness and take no actions to the core issue. We need to understand there’s always a choice and keeping our spirits up is a choice too.

Too many of us share the same baggage known as fear? It is a huge baggage that seems to have its roots in different areas of our life. Any idea how to let it dissolve?


What if you ...

  • Act as if you have no fear.
  • Act as if you are already where you want to be.
  • Act as if you are enjoying the fruit of your harvest.

How can fear survive if you choose to trust?

How can fear be alive if you choose to become aware that you have a choice to let it go?

How can fear manipulate you if you choose to know, act and behave with your infinite wisdom and clarity?

The Universe is just waiting for you to realize that you have all it takes to be #1.

You need to know that your desired outcome has already been manifested. The only condition to get there is simply to continue walking on the path fearlessly.

It may be a lonely journey. Get frustrated, cry, upset and depressed. Go ahead and do whatever you want. However, it is important not to allow those lower energies become your master.

Relax, release and let it go.

The best antidote towards fear is to have shots of trust available within you at all times! You are able to drown your fear with these shots, whenever it arises to catch your attention. It is like floating freely in the water, your body is light and going with the flow, relaxed and trusting where it’s bringing you.

No, it is not easy if you struggle and fight to go upstream. Like still water that runs deep, let your awareness expand, grow and sink. Create space to go within and that’s where you will find the peace and trust. 

Ground your wisdom into your life by taking daily fearless actions.

Be present, experience and embrace the journey. This is the exact reason why our Soul choose to live this human experience!


Lessons From The Universe

How often do you feel that you need to be perfect to play a certain role or to perform a task?

Ok, maybe not perfect but at least good enough in your own standards?

Is this what has been stopping you from enjoying life or having a better one?


We are always so drawn to be in the comfort, even if it creates no value and brings us pain. It is easier to be in the familiar and stays put with where we are.

I used to be a workaholic when I was in my full-time corporate work. I always wanted to do things in a certain way, which I thought would be at least presentable.

Of course, it was only in my own perspective! I was so self-contained.

In the last weeks, I spent time and energy hustling. I thought I was enjoying my work, till my body started to send out signal reminding me that I was going back to my familiarity!

I was so used to getting excited about working on a project and would go to the extreme. That was what I was familiar with. As much as it was a lesson that I thought I’ve learned, I obviously did not!

I decided to shut down my computer, cut off the social media and reduced all interaction. Time to sway back to my shell! My body went on a huge hibernation and slept through for more than 15 hours, from one afternoon to the next morning! I let my body rest followed by energy cleansing work.

I thought it would be one of the last things I wanted to do – going to the extreme and get myself all tired! I thought I had released that part of me in the past year.

It came back twice as hard this time, especially when your awareness has grown.

I needed more wisdom and more awareness than I thought.

We are like onions, peeling every layer to reveal what’s truly raw and spicy to the eyes. When we are willing to face the bareness, stir it all up and accept it, you will realize the fruit can be a sweet one.

What I’ve learned:

1)   The Universe is always out to test you, never be proud.

2)   The Universe is always there to support you if you choose to go back to your awareness & dig into your infinite wisdom.

3)   There’s always room for growth and expansion.

May you live luminously!

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All As One - Life, Business & You

There are a million things you need to do as a new entrepreneur and maybe, even more, when you are a momprenuer. You can’t spend the 12 hours like other single, young entrepreneurs who can put 200% of their time into the work.

I went through the journey and still going through it. Just like life, how can you stop living it?

As much as I am someone who focuses a lot on my desired outcome, I know I also have to take action on the process while sticking to my dream.

Tactically, we all need to set priorities based on our values, create a structured time schedule and more.

Strategically, we need to be clear on where we are going and have a plan towards it.

How about on a Soul level? We need both tactics and strategy too?

Yes, but only when you create space for the connection to happen.

Time to time, you need to pause and see how is your Soul doing.

Everything is energy.

When you work on one aspect of your being, energy changes, and energies from other aspects of your life start to change too.

Start seeing your business, health, money, career, relationships, and family as a whole. Take a step back and check in where do all the energies originate?

It’s from you, my Love!

If you want to enjoy the harvest of your business, be sure your vibration matches it!

Stop putting the energies of fatigue, fear, and doubts about where it’s heading while working on your business. It will simply translate into a dip in energy, anxiety and more questions about where you are heading.

Next, watch out how this downward spiral energy will start to affect other aspects of your life.

Life & business is the same. It’s more than having a strategy, tactics or money.

It’s about how you can upkeep your vibration with the right mindset, crystal clear clarity and unwavering confidence.

Where do the right mindset, clarity, and confidence, come from?

Go back to your Soul, my Love!



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