There are a million things you need to do as a new entrepreneur and maybe, even more, when you are a momprenuer. You can’t spend the 12 hours like other single, young entrepreneurs who can put 200% of their time into the work.

I went through the journey and still going through it. Just like life, how can you stop living it?

As much as I am someone who focuses a lot on my desired outcome, I know I also have to take action on the process while sticking to my dream.

Tactically, we all need to set priorities based on our values, create a structured time schedule and more.

Strategically, we need to be clear on where we are going and have a plan towards it.

How about on a Soul level? We need both tactics and strategy too?

Yes, but only when you create space for the connection to happen.

Time to time, you need to pause and see how is your Soul doing.

Everything is energy.

When you work on one aspect of your being, energy changes, and energies from other aspects of your life start to change too.

Start seeing your business, health, money, career, relationships, and family as a whole. Take a step back and check in where do all the energies originate?

It’s from you, my Love!

If you want to enjoy the harvest of your business, be sure your vibration matches it!

Stop putting the energies of fatigue, fear, and doubts about where it’s heading while working on your business. It will simply translate into a dip in energy, anxiety and more questions about where you are heading.

Next, watch out how this downward spiral energy will start to affect other aspects of your life.

Life & business is the same. It’s more than having a strategy, tactics or money.

It’s about how you can upkeep your vibration with the right mindset, crystal clear clarity and unwavering confidence.

Where do the right mindset, clarity, and confidence, come from?

Go back to your Soul, my Love!



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