How often do you feel that you need to be perfect to play a certain role or to perform a task?

Ok, maybe not perfect but at least good enough in your own standards?

Is this what has been stopping you from enjoying life or having a better one?


We are always so drawn to be in the comfort, even if it creates no value and brings us pain. It is easier to be in the familiar and stays put with where we are.

I used to be a workaholic when I was in my full-time corporate work. I always wanted to do things in a certain way, which I thought would be at least presentable.

Of course, it was only in my own perspective! I was so self-contained.

In the last weeks, I spent time and energy hustling. I thought I was enjoying my work, till my body started to send out signal reminding me that I was going back to my familiarity!

I was so used to getting excited about working on a project and would go to the extreme. That was what I was familiar with. As much as it was a lesson that I thought I’ve learned, I obviously did not!

I decided to shut down my computer, cut off the social media and reduced all interaction. Time to sway back to my shell! My body went on a huge hibernation and slept through for more than 15 hours, from one afternoon to the next morning! I let my body rest followed by energy cleansing work.

I thought it would be one of the last things I wanted to do – going to the extreme and get myself all tired! I thought I had released that part of me in the past year.

It came back twice as hard this time, especially when your awareness has grown.

I needed more wisdom and more awareness than I thought.

We are like onions, peeling every layer to reveal what’s truly raw and spicy to the eyes. When we are willing to face the bareness, stir it all up and accept it, you will realize the fruit can be a sweet one.

What I’ve learned:

1)   The Universe is always out to test you, never be proud.

2)   The Universe is always there to support you if you choose to go back to your awareness & dig into your infinite wisdom.

3)   There’s always room for growth and expansion.

May you live luminously!

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