I attended a channeling workshop over the last weekend and had some great fun!

During the workshop, I channeled for others and myself. It was interesting as it was good to remove myself from the laptop and meet some people!

A day after the workshop, I received a very kind thank-you message from the beautiful lady sitting next to me.

She was amazed at how those channeled messages spoke and related to her present situation. I knew nothing about her when we started the session.

No one would ever imagine this beautiful young lady to be someone who feels deeply lonely. Behind her beautiful face hides loneliness and fear towards love. I later found out that she shut down her fashion accessory business 2 years ago and retreated to her own “cave”.

I saw how some issues from her childhood days had kept her from moving forward. She has yet to make a decision to move out of it. In fact, she was unaware of its effect on her life; hence, she has been self-sabotaging by choosing to live in fear.

Yes, there are some healing to be done. However, at the end of the day, what she needs is to trust that she is love and is being loved! She needs to take actions by being open to be healed and start loving. 

No healing of any sorts – energetically or psychologically can have any profound effects, if one has no awareness and take no actions to the core issue. We need to understand there’s always a choice and keeping our spirits up is a choice too.

Too many of us share the same baggage known as fear? It is a huge baggage that seems to have its roots in different areas of our life. Any idea how to let it dissolve?


What if you ...

  • Act as if you have no fear.
  • Act as if you are already where you want to be.
  • Act as if you are enjoying the fruit of your harvest.

How can fear survive if you choose to trust?

How can fear be alive if you choose to become aware that you have a choice to let it go?

How can fear manipulate you if you choose to know, act and behave with your infinite wisdom and clarity?

The Universe is just waiting for you to realize that you have all it takes to be #1.

You need to know that your desired outcome has already been manifested. The only condition to get there is simply to continue walking on the path fearlessly.

It may be a lonely journey. Get frustrated, cry, upset and depressed. Go ahead and do whatever you want. However, it is important not to allow those lower energies become your master.

Relax, release and let it go.

The best antidote towards fear is to have shots of trust available within you at all times! You are able to drown your fear with these shots, whenever it arises to catch your attention. It is like floating freely in the water, your body is light and going with the flow, relaxed and trusting where it’s bringing you.

No, it is not easy if you struggle and fight to go upstream. Like still water that runs deep, let your awareness expand, grow and sink. Create space to go within and that’s where you will find the peace and trust. 

Ground your wisdom into your life by taking daily fearless actions.

Be present, experience and embrace the journey. This is the exact reason why our Soul choose to live this human experience!