Before you wonder what has the following to do with you, allow yourself a minute to continue reading…

I woke up to a beautiful autumn morning with my body muscles feeling tight. I knew I was due for another yoga session. Having the awareness of how my body feels and giving it the attention, has increased tremendously in the past year.

It would have meant nothing to me just over a year ago, as tightness and pain were part of my body. Wasn’t that how bodies should be? (yeah, right!)

Taking a bike ride to yoga was a breeze. It’s public holiday over at where I am and the usual busy crowd in this metropolitan city is on vacation too. 

The yoga studio was naturally lit up by the soft gentle morning sunshine. I stepped on the mat and in seconds, an unexpressed rejuvenating energy miraculously infused my senses. I came out of the session feeling refreshed and the tightness in my body had dissolved into nowhere.

Lunch was a healthy salad with chicken breast and then off I hit my laptop, getting down to business. 15 minutes ago I decided to take a break and grab a coffee from one of my favorite bakeries down the road.

I walked down the street knowing clearly the next step I needed to take for my business and how to integrate my unique Soul-level talent & intuitive gift into my work. I was getting all excited about it and feeling blessed, peaceful and fulfilled at the same time.

The life described above was my dream when I was working full time. I wanted to be able to work things at my own pace, call the final shot for my work without having to fit in and have the time flexibility for work-life balance.

Today, I am living it.

All these come with an exchange of responsibility, courage and huge amount of letting go in both physical and emotional levels. However, I took and still taking them from a position of blessing, joy and expansion, not fear and doubts.

Are you getting worn out with your present lifestyle? If yes, are you doing anything about it?

I was happy being in the familiar and took years to build up the momentum to finally make a decision for some real change. You might be like me. Just remember – an inch forward is a tiny baby step forward, as long as you are moving, you will get there.

Keep increasing your awareness about your values, true desires, purpose and unique talent while cruising on the path. It’s a never-ending journey of new discoveries.

Sync your heart with your Soul! When you are aligned, clarity lights up your path, strength and courage become your friends.

Get yourself curious, excited and join in the magical wonders that you are meant to create! In days to come, your participation will create a ripple effect that impact more.


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