What do you do when you are looking for information?

Do you Google? Find them in Facebook, Reddit or Yahoo?

Before you realize, the information you are searching will pop up in different formats once you turned on your computer, tablet or phone! It can be presented as a website, an advertisement, a podcast, an article or even a course!

In this advance digital world, there is absolutely no lack of information out there (plus you are being tracked down!).

Take for an example, if you want to know more about increasing your awareness, your life purpose, challenge a breakthrough or manifest your desire, you may deliberately or unconsciously “bump” into topics or information that are related.

Spirituality, the metaphysics, energy work, shamanism or the so-called woo-woos in general, have found many new fans with the awakening of consciousness of many in recent years.

It’s always nice to be “up there”.  Don’t get me wrong. I LOVE THE WOOs and probably can’t be where I am without it.

What’s your reaction after reading or experiencing the Woos?

Are there times when you feel that the information is pretty much the same? There may be even times when you may question the originality of the contents!

What’s most important is WHAT do you do with the information?! Do you just leave them as a piece of information with no actions taken?

We are all curious beings. It’s always fun to know more and peeping into the unknown make the whole journey more interesting.

However, there are 3 questions you may want to ask yourself:

1) Have you ever taken a step back and relook at the information you received or learnt?

2) Have you put them into practice and give them a life?

3) Are they being left as a piece of information and simply fill up the space in the midst of your loss in direction?

Everything exists for the value it possesses. Does your pursue of woo-woos exist as infotainment or do you transform it into infoaction?

The Universe gifts us with universal wisdom to provide us with a choice for greater human life experience. How do we then create tangible results for it to serve the purpose it’s meant to be?

The ball is in your court.