Where are you in life today? Are you trying to move it to where you want to be? Are you facing a block that stops you from moving forward?

As much as there are a lot of talks about meditating and letting go, the hard cold truth that many struggles with meditation and releasing control.

Our will may be driving us towards our goal. We are eager to see the results and doing all that we can to reach there.

At the same time, we are being chased and tortured by our own fears. With every milestone we reach, there is a new level of fear and challenges revealed. Hence, we are being held in the same spot till we are ready to kick that door hard and bust through it!

It is about being in touch with our truth and act fully on what we believe. We are then able to merge with our truth and start to live its power!

When we are standing up for our own beliefs, our thoughts and feelings come together as one. Our heart and mind unite, and that’s when true healing takes place. You are then strong enough to let go of the fear and fully embrace the truth that you deeply believe. You will definitely need support in this process but you are also the leader to make or break it.

Cut the noise and listen deeply to your inside world. Follow your inner guidance (that's why many rave about meditation!) and act accordingly even though they make no sense at that moment.

However, do know that the outcome may not be exactly where you are expecting it to be (even though we always talk about the Law of Attraction). It is simply because your definition of “good & well” may be different from the Universe’s.

The Universe has a bigger vision and a higher perspective. If we can continuously change and shift our perception, we can then find the path to our highest potential.

Change is the only constant in the Universe. Make it the same for our consciousness.