Who thinks that being nice is a better option?

I DID and now too, BUT with boundary.

I love harmony, pleasing people so there’s no conflict and tense energy floating around the atmosphere.

I used to believe that this is the best way out and puts everyone in a WIN-WIN situation, or at least me.

I scratch your back and you scratch mine BUT frankly, why do I need to scratch yours when deep inside me says NO?

Trying to please others in some sense is ignoring your own worth and value, unless it TRULY did not bother you.

Loving yourself and living in your own skin is huge part of realigning to your truth.

By the way, why is there a need to realign to your truth?

This is the home to your authenticity, where you can live, eat, breathe, love and dance with ease. When you Soul is aligned to your truth, you are free from worries about how others see you. It’s emotional freedom, in short.

Worries naturally project a negative vibe, which brings in more energies of the same quality. Let’s not go too much into the “woos” (yet) but does triggering a thought of lack of love contracts your body?

The next time when similar situation occurs, check into your energy. Did you feel calm and happy to please or it’s draining but ‘solves the problem’?

As you become aware of your truth, you may face the inner conflict of behaving in your old ways while tiptoeing into your newly found consciousness. The struggle is evitable as the new has yet to fully establish and the old is breaking away.

Give the new more energy by focusing on it.

Be aware of the struggle and be thankful of this grey period where the new is forming its ground.

No one else is important if you cannot take care of your own emotions and feelings. Go ahead and be a people pleaser and see how you erode and break away into pieces in time to come.

Make sense yet feel that you have no choice?

When you decide to protect your own energies, and step into your truth, your physical and energetic space starts to change. People and circumstances will go through a de-selection process. It’s either they catch up with you, get filtered and be left behind or you decide to stay put and deny the process.

If you decide to choose the latter (as running away from the pain is an easier option), you will find yourself going round and round again, staying where you are and feeling miserable about your own life.

As much as you love to be liked and be one with all, it is also more sustainable to truly know and love yourself before you spread your love. 

Yes, there is a choice and it makes sense. 

P/S: The realigning process is an ever-going journey of self-discovery. It can be made easier with support. Join me in my 90-day Manifestation-in-Action program where we fly into the woo-woos and dance on the ground together.