Last weekend I attended a workshop on ‘Beliefs’. I signed up for it 5 months ago with the intention of adding value to my coaching work.

As I took a complete change in my lifestyle in the last 18 months, I came to realize how many of my old beliefs had shaped my life. With the new found awareness, many of these beliefs that no longer served me were released.

I felt calm and strong from within, as if there was nothing much that could not be done!

10 days before the workshop, I was pulled into a downward spiral, as I was looking for some serious up leveling. I wanted to be safe but was pushed into a corner of massive disturbance. A part of me wanted more, yet another wanted to stay with the familiarity.

The Universe always has her way to test you, yet be there to support you! This is a universal truth.

In my “massive disoriented state” I received confusing mixed messages, which in actual fact was the outcome of the mixed signals that I sent out. Dah dah … … law of attraction in the works!

As I quiet down and listen to my inside world, miracles started to appear. The Universe initiated a series of signs and messages to appear before me.

When you decide to surrender and accept you have a blockage, you lean in to the Universe and allow her guidance to flow through. The path started to lit up as you walk along and each step is presented with an A-ha moment.

Everything is about no one except you. Yet, at the same time, there is no need to judge yourself for anything. It is all about experiencing and the experience itself.

The Universe loves me.

5 months ago, she knew I had to go through this little challenge and pre-ordered the ‘Beliefs’ workshop as part of this journey. She created the space for me to be aware of a deep blockage within and at the same time prepared many little outlets for the release (when I was ready).

You might have heard of some beliefs and owned some too, yet if you play by their rules, you will never win the game. It runs like an inner program within you and ignites whenever to keep you safe, in a manipulative way. 

Become aware, surrender, elevate and expand. Continue to walk the path fearlessly; your blurred vision will become clear, as you know you are safe, for you trust.

If you are on a similar path, try out this mantra:

‘I am safe. I am loved. I am more than enough and I say YES to all that I deserve. Thank you, thank you, thank you!’

Repeat it, tune in, take inspired action and see where it leads you.