I don't come to where I am today overnight. There had been a lot of trauma, internal struggles, tears, doubts, unknown fear, reflection and times of solitude. Every single drop of these experiences, lead me to where I am now.  There’s always an on-going search to make things better, better for myself, to feel and live good, in hope that my loved ones will be moving in the same direction.

It is always easy to blame. Looking back at your life, how often can you see that it's your limiting beliefs that pose to be the true obstacle? How often is it that you are not strong enough internally to shoulder and face the challenge in face? It's often no fault of anyone’s, but ourselves. We chose to walk on the path of familiarity…sometimes a path that others plotted, a path that we know would be supported...though these paths might not be the best for our unique expression.

There’s nothing right or wrong with whichever path you choose. It’s the experience that accumulates and makes YOU the end product. We need the lows to appreciate the highs. At the end of the day, it’s what we learnt about ourselves from the experience that will make a difference in my future choices, our life. Do we choose to repeat the familiarity? It is fine if the consistency makes you feel good. In any times when it does not, pause and reflect why. Make space for some exploration and discovery within.

Change requires a whole lot more effort and energy. However, taking action for change is probably better than doing nothing. With action, there comes a result ... no matter how small it is, you can then decide if you want it. You can then choose to include or exclude that in your life.

There are 2 ways of living - live from CHOICE or RE-ACTION.

The decision is yours.