I am back to my working mode…making sure I get myself all ready to fill up my calendar. As much as I’ve already 80% full, I was actually anxious. The perfectionist is coming back to work. I wondered why was the 20% not filled up? Before retiring to bed, I drew a card. Guess what? I was told not to always want to be on top of things! Yes, ALLOW IMPERFECTION! Leave room for “things” to happen … just like the yin & the yang … the sun and the moon. It’s not about having all, or keeping it 50-50 balance but an appropriate balance, enabling room for fluidity. Just as it is for your health. Is it all about an equal portion of healthy eating, exercise and sleep? I bet there's more to it and each individual's needs is different. 

In the midst of imperfection, tune in, observe, learn and enjoy the journey.