I don't have a good story. My story is simply about an inexperienced mother in search of a better and meaningful life for my child, family, myself and perhaps all that I love. I’m learning my ropes and exploring every moment to become a better person and enjoying life at the same time. IT’S HARD! All (true) mummies are busy and have their own set of worries, which is unexplainable to most.

I want my child to be happy, healthy, cultured, witty and funny. I want my life to be exciting, meaningful, filled with love and fun. I want…and what is it with all this endless list of WANTS?! Perhaps when it all becomes a part of life, there will be no WANTS as they are already there, in my life. How then do I create this life? Is it a lifestyle? Is it a belief? Is it a culture or religion?

Allow me to share what I gathered from my last 6 years of roller coaster experience as a working mum, or maybe a mum who wants it all. I envisioned myself to be a power woman who can balance work and family. Well, isn’t that what modern women are all about? We are the best and no longer take the back seat like 50 years ago. We are in CONTROL!

Oops…it seemed all tumbling down when I tried to be in control. I could not control when my child was sick and I needed to be at work for an important meeting. I could not be in control when the market was flooded with food safety issues when I wanted the best for my family. I could not be in control when I had to be away and there was no nanny at work…. there were too many “unpredictables”.

Yes, you may say “Come on, that’s life!” but isn’t there a way out? A way to at least let us know how to handle and be at ease with modern day stress and challenges? Over the years, I’ve gathered a simple, basic truth. Respect life. Listen to what life has to say. It is not only about my life but everything that is interconnected to make what my life is now, down to the fundamentals - the air that I breathe, water that I drink, universe that houses me, food that fills me, all my love ones and even strangers that I meet on a night out for dinner. What is this respect? What do I have to listen? WHY? My humble definition -- because they are part of my life, my experience and my memories.