Akashic Record is one of the resources where I receive a lot of wisdom. One of the most basic, obvious yet important truth is that we need to be true to ourselves and align to our soul.

Ok, so aligning to our soul…what does that mean? It means knowing who you truly are and having the integrity to live it. I have to say that for the longest time I don't know who am I. Someone used to tell me that I don't know what I want in life. I was not exactly happy ...that’s the ego part of me talking but yes, truly, I probably didn’t know then. I was searching and doing everything external, pushing myself hard at work and trying my best in whatever role I was in….which only left me exhausted.

I was an unhappy…. even when I was blessed with a cute new-born baby, because that was like added responsibility and obligations! Aha! The universe always its way to make sure the law of cause and effect works. ;) I’ll come back and share about it in another post or video.

When I decided to leave my “puppet” self, I really did receive abundance in different forms …money that came unexpectedly, I had more time for myself, my family and able to slow down and collect pieces of myself back. Who on earth in the busy corporate world has such luxuries? Maybe there are, but most did not.

Doing what’s uncomfortable, speaking my truth and allowing myself to be vulnerable ...  and yes that’s part of my journey to authenticity and aligning with my soul.

Everything has its time to bloom and flower. Start yours by listening to your soul, set the intention and take the desired actions! 

P/S: Check out the free meditation I created here