If you agree with the “Law of Cause & Effect” and “Like Attracts Like”, before we go further into setting intention or manifestation of any goals e,g, financial or business goals, perhaps we need to dig into our own AUTHENTICY, INTEGRITY and see if we are taking 100% RESPONSIBILITY of our life. 


Here are some of mine:

THEN - I used to just present what supposed to look right and kept quiet about things ... that’s why I hang on to my corporate job, be a mum and spent my crazy hours working my ass off.


NOW - I left my job, still a mum but seeing this role from a different perspective and no longer working crazy hours … I feel the need to move myself up the priority level! #selflove#soproudofmyself


HOWEVER, two days ago, something hit me again! A spiritual teacher that I met very briefly told me I had confidence issue and it would be my biggest blockage in whatever I do, even though I am meant to excel! Woo wow… I thought I hid it very well in the deepest layer! It was not supposed to surface and no one should even take a peep at it. Looks like as much as the Universe is always backing us, she also has her eyes on us.

In the light of this, I decided to dig deeper within and share 3 new hidden truths that I have been keeping quiet (again), and yes because it looks “right” and “better” that way (again).


Hidden Truth #1

I am not actively working on my new business (and of course not reaching my financial goals) because I have fear about doing more work. I don't want to go back to my workaholic self. 

New insight -> Why do I need this if I know how and can align myself to my Soul? It is totally not about working harder … but pure laziness and the fear of the possible tradeoff with my personal time, which I now hold dearly.


Hidden Truth #2

I do not like to go on Facebook Live or be the center of attention, because I do not have the confidence that I can speak, look or present well and most importantly how people view it.

New Insight -> This is so crazy! I’m so needy!!! I AM GOOD ENOUGH!


Hidden Truth #3

I love learning and take on a few things on my plate that it has left me feeling tired, not having enough time, no focus and eventually wonder if it’s good investments or just money running away?

New Insight -> This is an old habit knocking at my door again. I have not make the decision and simply just want it all. I love diversity and confidence is an issue. Hence I am looking for THINGS to fill up this gap, hoping that I will feel better. However, I forget that before I truly “feel better”, I probably need to meet the shadow side of it. Also, my Soul is not "designed" to do well this way!


Ok, it’s your turn -> What is it that you are hiding or running away from yourself now?


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