What if more women can step into her infinite wisdom and power? What if she can master and play with her personal unique formula of Yin-Yang energies and turn them into beautiful anything in her life? With much clarity and empowerment, she then chooses to stand up for her beliefs. How will that change her life, those around her and the world?

If you have not tapped into this power within you, then it is time to relook at your relationship with yourself. Do you know you? Or are you hiding from you?

It is an endless and is an ever-evolving journey to self-discovery. There are many ways to start, deepen and expedite your journey. One of it is via Akashic Record. Akashic Record is an energetic database of your Soul’s journey since its creation. By accessing the Akashic Record, you get to learn about your unique Soul-level qualities, blocks and restrictions that are stopping you from thriving, your life lessons and even how your Soul is designed to manifest your intention!

When combined with inspired actions and the right mindset, they translate into invaluable gifts in your present life experience. You will know what you need to shine and amplify by a million times to create the experience or outcome you have been seeking. It will inject clarity into your situation, increase your awareness and help you realize that there are infinite possibilities, only waiting for you to create.

Divine guidance or information from the Universe remains as nothing, if they have not been used to turn into the tangibles e.g. your desired outcome or change in beliefs, which brings positive impact to your life. The choice is ours.

There is no escape to life’s reality. Most of the time, facing the truth is scary. Your Soul is here to experience the ups and downs, yet at the same time you are also given the choice to decide how to live this experience. The only difference is, with more clarity and empowerment; you will cruise through the journey with a little more ease and confidence!

I truly foresee the world to be a much gentler place with more love and compassion when more women choose to step into their power and tap into their unique Yin-Yang energies.

On the day you leave this world, what will put a smile on your face? What is it that you can do to leave behind a piece of goodness for our next generation?

Note: You are never too small to create anything great.