Fear and self-doubt are the main reasons for not stepping into your dreams and vision. Understand that these fear and self-doubts may be deeply rooted. They usually come from your past experiences. On an energetic level, as long as you have not stepped out from it, you are always in it and you are also attracting more of it e.g. fear attracting more fear and doubts attracting more doubts. These will multiply and bring about energy leaks or imbalances in your chakra, leaving you disempowered.

Chakras act as energy factories that create and supply your body/organs with energy to perform everyday tasks. If your chakras are blocked, the body's energy flow is blocked as well. This imbalance is the main reason behind mental, emotional and *physical sicknesses such as allergies or unknown headache.

There are many dimensions and ways to how you can balance your chakras. Energy healing, essential oils, yoga, flower essences, crystals, oracle cards, meditation etc are ways that have been widely used.

An integration of the various modalities is a good way to support you through the release and healing progress. However, it is still very essential to go to the root of the problem. We need to face our own shadow. There should not be any spiritual escapism since our Souls are here to live the human life experience, grow and evolve.

You can choose to run towards your fear, stand up and face it or let it hover and pester you. You can also choose to ignore them but do know that they are always there, not going anywhere. They will spring up from time to time to pay you a visit.

It is with total acceptance, non-judgment, clarity and support from various resources that you can step out of those limiting energies.

It is safe to look within. Do know that you are infinitely wise and resourceful.

The only thing you need to do is to make the decision to face them.

*Read up “You Can Heal Your Life” by Louise Hay on the relationship between your mental patterns and diseases. It is one of the very first spiritual books that I came across many years ago and it has remained a classic piece of work till this day.