What happens when you experience moments of unhappiness? There is a sudden change of emotion to one that is pulling you down. How is it affecting you?

I had a very similar situation previously when I booked in for a psychic reading. As we were based in different time zone, I had to stay up for the call. I was totally looking forward to it. When it was nearing the call time, I started to dial in but without success!

After 3 minutes of unsuccessful trials, I decided to send her an email and message explaining my situation to see if we could try other modes of communication. There was no response. I did not give up trying, and continued to experience some internet hiccups along the way. 20 minutes later I finally got through the call but there was no answer. I was not surprised as it was coming close to the end of our scheduled call time.

I received a message the next morning confirming that she would NOT re-arrange another session for me as she waited and I did not show up! For a moment, my heart sunk. I respected the decision for honouring her boundary but I was also disappointed about the lack of compassion and understanding.

A minute later, I decided to step out and check in to my feelings. Why was I reacting in this way? I brought forth the awareness that by staying in the energy of disappointment and (some) anger, more of these energies would come back to me.

As Jack Kornfield wrote in his latest book “No Time Like the Present”,

“As your spacious heart opens, you can rediscover the vast perspective you’d almost forgotten. The spacious heart reveals the spacious mind … Your spacious mind is the natural awareness that knows and accommodates everything.”

This is a cue and little trick from the Universe to check on my awareness and trust. There is probably no need for me to do a reading. Everything is unfolding as how it should be.

If I already knew it, I should trust it. If I decide to step back and be curious (and not worry) about it, my heart and mind will open up for more. I would know what to do and follow what my Soul is telling me. I would be in sync with my Soul and the Universe. I would be living my life using my heavenly blessed, unique, creative gifts with ease. The amount of time spent worrying and questioning would come back to my life in the same way, different face. At the end of the day, I have to make the decision how I want to live my life.  

It’s the same for you. If you choose to open up and align yourself with your Soul, get uncomfortable and trust, you will find yourself encompassing more and not sweating the small stuff. It is not easy to travel on this path alone. If you are having difficulties, always reach out to someone with a higher perspective for support.

Well, I had my reading done.