Let’s talk about dreams and vision.

Simply defined, a dream is an ideal or an aspiration. A vision is your ability to foresee (usually missing in the link now that’s valuable).

The whole shopping mall near my place was plastered with inspirational quotes when I went to grab some lunch earlier. This is their latest in-mall marketing campaign for the season. In the midst of hustling, our present society requires a lot of in-the-face reminders about how you can create your own success. Many are starting to see the commercial value of it, which may create some good to a certain extend. 

The definition of success may come from anything intangible to tangible. Each view and presentation of this hugely popular word is unique to one. How often do you see an inspirational quote, story or movie and start getting motivated about living yours? Yet, many times, it only lasted for 5 minutes. There is nothing Woo-woo or impractical about these inspirations, since many have lived to share them.

The truth is most of the time, we choose to let it go and leave those dreams and vision as intangible. They only come to life in your magical La La Land. You rather wrap them up in a beautiful bubble and let it float.

Try being curious and ask yourself why is that so?

You may think it’s impractical? Takes too much effort? Or it’s simply impossible.

How about breaking them into bite size and baby steps?

You may say it’s not your priority?

As we dig deeper, you will be surprised that the real reason behind your non-action is fear. Your fear of responsibility, stepping into your own power, not being loved … and the list goes on.

Why dreams and why vision?

·      They aspire and motivate us to become a better version of ourselves.

·      They inspire and let us become an inspiration for others.

·      They make us create a better environment not only for ourselves, but also for our loved ones or even people around the world.

Living into your dream or vision constantly pushes you to the next breakthrough.

You are never too small to live your dream.

The only issue is – are you giving permission for yourself to move closer to it? 

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