As I sit here in the backyard watching the children having a good time in the pool, the cloudless blue sky and swaying leaves of these tall Aussie trees hanging in the backdrop, has certainly blown a sense of bliss into me.


It is a day away from 2018.


This is the time to look back, appreciate all the highlights and the not-so good moments of 2017.


I am totally appreciative and grateful to experience abundance in many aspects of my life in 2017.


Abundance is the energy of bliss, joy and fulfillment. Oftentimes, we relate abundance to money. Sure, it is but abundance is also plentiful and resource-full, in ways that fill us up from inside. It is a continuous flow of energy that slowly and steadily lift you into the flow yet ground you to appreciate the in between moments of sharing and receiving.


I certainly had a lot of not-so good moments in 2017 but I am choosing to embrace them and be thankful for their existence. This is how I can become aware of my own bullsh^t, before I can release, elevate, expand and evolve.


There are no blockages other than my own creation of limiting beliefs and repeating thought patterns that I have yet to find the wisdom and courage to remove myself from.


Taking full responsibility of my experience, gaining awareness and taking actions to manifest my intention are some of the most important lessons for me in 2017.


We can always choose between disbelief & procrastination or TRUST & HOPE. I have decided to waltz with the latter while going with the ebb and flow.


In the light of saying GOODBYE to 2017 and HELLO 2018, what does it mean to you?


May you be blessed with a LUMINOUS 2018!