Hello from Sydney, Australia!


Christmas is coming and it’s time to be back in Australia to enjoy the hot summer, oysters, beautiful blue skies, family time and so much more…


I celebrated my birthday in Shanghai, China and flying across the oceans to Sydney, Australia. For the past two years I was lucky to spend my birthday in the 3 cities of my life – Shanghai, Singapore (it’s along the flight pathway to Sydney) and Sydney.


If 60 is the new 40, I officially turned 20 this week! Woo…woooo!!!!


Ok, yes I am a vibrant 40 who for once truly feel so comfortable living in my own skin. I love being 40 and at the same time truly feeling some sort of the spirit of a millennium!


I am grateful of all that I’ve gone through in the past 40 years – both the good and bad, even though I wished there were certain things I would have done differently.


My corporate work was meaningful and I thought I found my purpose. Two years ago I questioned about my purpose again.


I started to look within and even went on a silent retreat. 8 months after the retreat, I quit my corporate job.


For a longest time, I thought living your purpose meant living with lesser money because you would be on a spiritual path. Being materially ‘successful’ is not necessary.


It’s so right and wrong at the same time!


What does success, spirituality and abundance mean to you?


My definition - Being successful means I have some money which I don't have to think twice when I spend, loving relationships (no one's an island, we are here to love and connect) and being able to always breakthrough my blockages and become a better version of me.


Going on the entrepreneurial path is probably one of the most spiritual paths I can go on.


It's always pushing me out of my comfort zone, going back to my Soul and listen to my inside world so I know when and how to use my Soul-level gift to leverage in the different areas of my life.


That brings me total EMOTIONAL FREEDOM.


I know where to focus my energies and abundance of all sorts (money, love, health, time...) start to flow with ease.


You don't have to be an entrepreneur to achieve the same outcome.


However if you do want to live your Soul purpose, then there are 3 things that you need to do:


1)   Start taking responsibility of your life

2)   Gain inner awareness for the clarity of your Soul's purpose

3)   Make choices and actions that are aligned to your purpose


Go deep and give yourself a gift before 2018 arrives with a big bang (and you realized that you are still living the same old 2017 mode).


Book a free discovery call with me and let's sort this out together bit.ly/2tS2mEA


Have a great day!