We were taught to be grateful for what was gifted to us. It is considered bad manners, disrespectful or even ‘violating’ the laws of the Universe by not being appreciative.
Being appreciative is part of my life. However, I did not come to where I am today overnight.
There were times in my younger days that I felt the unfairness, misery and even sense of victimhood rather than appreciation of the experiences that I was gifted.
In light of lifting the vibration for all, how about giving more compassion and stop all the fighting of feeling 'wrong' for not being appreciative? There may be a deeper wound that needs to be healed before appreciation can take place. There may be a different perspective why appreciation is not needed. There may be a huge chain of mechanism that’s eating away the ability to be appreciative.
EMBRACE and SURRENDER to what there is.
Observe with NO JUDGEMENT, we can perhaps quickly pick up the hiding force behind our BELIEFS, take actions to release and replace with new energies. 

Appreciation will arise together with a new state of consciousness. This is when evergreen appreciation will take place (by default). 

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