Last week my laptop was slowing down. Working on it was an inefficient task. It needed more space to increase its efficiency, so I had to free up some space to make it happen.

In the light of this, I started a de-cluttering challenge. When I moved to my present apartment a year ago, I threw away half of the house that I used to stay.

Over time I’ve picked up new stuff but I am now a lot more conscious. I think twice before I buy. In actual fact there are a lot of things that we want but they may not be needed. It’s always nice to go after the next shiny thing.

In the last few days, I have challenged myself to clear up and reorganized some photos in my laptop, unsubscribed and deleted emails from my mailbox, and keep things away from the floor, as much as possible.

All energies need a clear pathway to flow. This is also one of the theories behind the ancient wisdom of Fengshui. Imagine going into an organized space and one that’s messy, which do you feel better? This same theory applies for our body and mind.

We go for detox or juice cleansing diet, to increase the ‘efficiency’ of our body (just like cars going on regular maintenance) so we can feel lighter. For our mind, we need to consciously create space for silence in order to make room for peace and calm. Oftentimes, this is also the way to tap into our creativity, intuition and to strengthen our awareness.

It is with awareness that we realize how our lives can be different. It is also with awareness that we can work to make it better. I highly recommend to consciously create space to quiet your mind everyday and make it a habit to de-clutter your living space regularly. If possible, once every 3-6 months or so, go on a cleansing diet for a day.

We are made of many aspects and everything is inter-related. Consciously integrate de-cluttering into your life and see where it takes you after 1 month.

During this process, you may also find a change in your mindset, relationships, lifestyle, business, appearance, dressing or even taste. This is absolutely normal as you start to shift into a new vibration. ‘Things’ round you start to go through a de-selection process. They will either catch up or ‘be left behind’.

This is when you need to decide if you want to elevate, grow and expand or stay put at where you are.

Are you ready to flex your awareness muscle by de-cluttering and go through this change?

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