When you are cramped with thoughts get out in the nature and breathe. 

There’s no need for any formal spiritual ritual to get grounded.  Being out in the nature and be with your breath can be the ritual. 

Spirituality has often been mistaken for being out of the world. 

In truth it is about grounding into the world. 

Grounding your inspiration. 

Grounding your gifts. 

Grounding your voice. 

Grounding your love. 

Grounding your life. 

No, you don’t need to be a yogi. 

You don’t need to be wearing some white robes. 

You don’t need to have a dream catcher or crystal. 

You don’t need to be shaman, healer or psychic. 

You just need to be here with your breath, your body and be you. 

Check within - How often are you away from the real world, role-playing all the possibilities of a situation when none of them may be true?

You assume and try to predict the outcome (maybe that's fun and a way to spend some of your time?). 

You wear yourself out and sabotage all the infinite possibilities of positivity by giving them your imagined conclusion. 

Take actions with no assumption and expectations but from your value. 

What do you truly value?

Fun? Integrity? Freedom? Ease? ...

Choose it.  

Ground it. 

Root it. 

P/S: Stop worrying or complaining about it ;)