A ten day home renovation job turned into thirty.

A deliberate one month of non-doing turned into three months of being.

Actions and more actions have spin our world with a web of anxiety, inauthenticity, insensitivity and sometimes inefficiency.

What if you slow down and be more present?

Are you trapped and conformed in a self-created frame of thoughts limiting possibilities beyond?

What if by being present brings you a better quality of work/life, less anxiety, no more menstrual cramps (this is great one!😉), seeing the love in life, renewed vitality, more good feelings ... ... 

Ok, let's get this right - being present is not meant for the rich and idle, not out of the world, not sleeping/physical resting nor day dreaming.

It is about being aware of your past and present that make up every moment of your life now. 

It is about seeing and acknowledging. 

It is about understanding and embracing.

It is about observing here and now.

It is about getting in touch with you and knowing you from the core ... seeing you at a crystalline level.

Whoooo ... there's always so much more ... 

It can be painful to some but it is also the antidote to the pain.

What never fails to happen is a renewed understanding of who you are that gives you the clarity to move forward with grace.

With awareness and clarity you become sensitive to what's in you and around you. 

You take conscious action based on who you are and not what the world told you so.

You leave "should-ing" at the door and make a step closer to BECOME YOU.

And here's when the celebration of being begins ...