When I was undergoing my certified hypnotherapist training more than a year ago, I remembered being totally mesmerized by the miraculous results of the unique blend of hypnotherapy method created by my teacher and yet, at the same time feeling lost when it comes to mastering the skill.

Over the past year, I practiced and worked on building my foundation. I started to look at the stories behind every emotion.

I see how human evolve, how spirituality, energy work and the metaphysical world blends in and come into play.

Yesterday marked the last day of a certified hypnotherapy course where I had an opportunity to be a teacher assistant.

I would stepped into the class every day with a "I know nothing" mindset. My intention was to open myself to more possibilities and simply be a companion to the new learners like how I was being supported previously.

The change in role and the "I know nothing" mindset have helped me reaped some unexpected harvest.

I had no idea I could assist in facilitating the learning and healing journey the way I did until I tried.

I saw myself in every single story that was presented and came to truly witness the oneness in all.

I am further convinced that life is always presenting us with possibilities and potential beyond our limited imagination, if we create space to allow our emotions to be seen and excavated.

Healing never fails to take place when it comes from a place of compassion and love.

When you acknowledge, accept and release the part of you that no longer serves you, your vibration changes. You feel different emotionally and physically.

This is when you start to take back your power. You are all set to push the button and drive your life's creation into your desired new motion again.

Healing and transformation have taken place. In this sense, how can you still be the same and be where you used to be? ❤️