My yoga practice has been teaching me something new every single day.

When I first started my practice, I needed to rest for 2 hours after a very gentle yoga class. Yes! That was how "bad" my body was. 

After 2 years of regular practice, I can now go for classes that require higher energy level and always leave the class feeling all rejuvenated.

I am now starting to work on getting into the poses effortlessly. Again this requires practice. It is a training of the inner being and activating muscles that are hidden deep within.

A strong inner state will reflect as an effortless external state of being (think beautiful poster-like yoga pose). 

I can't help but place a link to the hypnotherapy sessions where I repeatedly witnessed the change when there is a shift within - usually when an unfinished old experience and emotion have been taken care.

As easy as it may sound, I am starting to see a new definition to the common saying of "showing up 100% to your desires". 

It is not just a decision or spur of a moment inspiration but a commitment or even to some extend a "religious practice".

Practice. Shift. Practice. Shift ...

Growth is a never ending journey. 

What are you placing in your life to scale and grow?

PM for details on working with me to cultivate your practice and show up to your desires. We will work on shifting your energies for you to be present with your SOUL and excavate your hidden potential.

Photo by Chevanon Photography from Pexels