The common image of a leader is one who possess a lot masculine energy - energetic, actions and command.

As awareness and consciousness increase, the paradox of connecting masculinity to leadership is starting to evolve.

In fact the idea of a leader / leadership has been continuously expanding and diversifying in depth and dimension.

The truth is, everyone can be a leader in your own world, if you choose to listen and allow yourself to be led by your soul.

When you silence your busy mind and take a little dive below the iceberg, an unknown world emerges.

Your vision starts to expand.

You will see and experience a world that's different from what you are used to.

Unfamiliarity may feel like a stranger yet, this is the exact opportunity for you to step forward and be led by this mysterious friend.

When you surrender and soften, you are choosing to lead and be led and at the same time.

Collaboration sets in and ties the knot.

✨You are connected - to your soul, your authenticity and your truth.

You become alive - living from your soul, your authenticity and your truth.

You found and integrated yourself with your soul.

Life renews and refreshes.

You start to see the soul and goodness of everyone else.

You see the scaredness of every moment.

You take actions from a place of love, compassion, fulfillment and abundance.

You inspire others and everyone starts to see you, shining luminously.

They want to be the same, not realizing they can also be that leader.

Collaborate. Co-create. Be the leader of your world.
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