When the negative emotions creep in ...

What happens when you experience moments of unhappiness? There is a sudden change of emotion to one that is pulling you down. How is it affecting you?

I had a very similar situation previously when I booked in for a psychic reading. As we were based in different time zone, I had to stay up for the call. I was totally looking forward to it. When it was nearing the call time, I started to dial in but without success!

After 3 minutes of unsuccessful trials, I decided to send her an email and message explaining my situation to see if we could try other modes of communication. There was no response. I did not give up trying, and continued to experience some internet hiccups along the way. 20 minutes later I finally got through the call but there was no answer. I was not surprised as it was coming close to the end of our scheduled call time.

I received a message the next morning confirming that she would NOT re-arrange another session for me as she waited and I did not show up! For a moment, my heart sunk. I respected the decision for honouring her boundary but I was also disappointed about the lack of compassion and understanding.

A minute later, I decided to step out and check in to my feelings. Why was I reacting in this way? I brought forth the awareness that by staying in the energy of disappointment and (some) anger, more of these energies would come back to me.

As Jack Kornfield wrote in his latest book “No Time Like the Present”,

“As your spacious heart opens, you can rediscover the vast perspective you’d almost forgotten. The spacious heart reveals the spacious mind … Your spacious mind is the natural awareness that knows and accommodates everything.”

This is a cue and little trick from the Universe to check on my awareness and trust. There is probably no need for me to do a reading. Everything is unfolding as how it should be.

If I already knew it, I should trust it. If I decide to step back and be curious (and not worry) about it, my heart and mind will open up for more. I would know what to do and follow what my Soul is telling me. I would be in sync with my Soul and the Universe. I would be living my life using my heavenly blessed, unique, creative gifts with ease. The amount of time spent worrying and questioning would come back to my life in the same way, different face. At the end of the day, I have to make the decision how I want to live my life.  

It’s the same for you. If you choose to open up and align yourself with your Soul, get uncomfortable and trust, you will find yourself encompassing more and not sweating the small stuff. It is not easy to travel on this path alone. If you are having difficulties, always reach out to someone with a higher perspective for support.

Well, I had my reading done. 

Fear was what I was familiar with, perhaps you too?

When was the last time when you were really inspired to do something big and you did not? Did it remain as a thought?

For me it was to take a break and leave my full time corporate job of close to 20 years. I left the job with no idea what I was going to do next and there was no hard feelings but simply I felt that I needed to do so.

I was a mum in my very busy full time work, trying to jungle everything because I believe I could. At the same time, I compromised on my personal time, health and even time with my family.

All I knew was to hustle and went through my life day after day in autopilot mode. I pushed away a lot of my feelings because of fear. It is only now that I could see the reason behind it.

It is the fear of stepping into the unknown and the fear of owning up my own power. The irony is that I used to always draw cards about living into my power and I totally ignored that. I was not in the frame of mind to understand and live up to it.

The Universe was giving me such obvious cue but I still decided to live in the fear, simply because that was what I was familiar with, though not necessarily better for me. Lesson learnt.

In the past few days, my body energy was running a little low because of menstrual cycle and was nearly catching a cold. I decided to listen to my body and give it a rest. This is very unusual for me as I used to operate with my masculine mode. I always felt that I needed to meet certain deadlines; get things done and made sure things were working well.

I have now learnt to slow down and really listen to my body and inner messages, I realized there was so much wisdom that I used to ignore totally. Whenever I feel differently about an issue or a to-do task, I will check in to see if this is fear, pure laziness or other reasons. I decided to be a third person, be curious and humane about my own feelings.

When you see things from a different perspective and step outside of your own world; you will see a bigger picture. At the end of the day, we are the producer, director and actor of your own life, just that we don’t realize it most of the time. 


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Why Are You Not Stepping Into Your Dreams & Vision?

Fear and self-doubt are the main reasons for not stepping into your dreams and vision. Understand that these fear and self-doubts may be deeply rooted. They usually come from your past experiences. On an energetic level, as long as you have not stepped out from it, you are always in it and you are also attracting more of it e.g. fear attracting more fear and doubts attracting more doubts. These will multiply and bring about energy leaks or imbalances in your chakra, leaving you disempowered.

Chakras act as energy factories that create and supply your body/organs with energy to perform everyday tasks. If your chakras are blocked, the body's energy flow is blocked as well. This imbalance is the main reason behind mental, emotional and *physical sicknesses such as allergies or unknown headache.

There are many dimensions and ways to how you can balance your chakras. Energy healing, essential oils, yoga, flower essences, crystals, oracle cards, meditation etc are ways that have been widely used.

An integration of the various modalities is a good way to support you through the release and healing progress. However, it is still very essential to go to the root of the problem. We need to face our own shadow. There should not be any spiritual escapism since our Souls are here to live the human life experience, grow and evolve.

You can choose to run towards your fear, stand up and face it or let it hover and pester you. You can also choose to ignore them but do know that they are always there, not going anywhere. They will spring up from time to time to pay you a visit.

It is with total acceptance, non-judgment, clarity and support from various resources that you can step out of those limiting energies.

It is safe to look within. Do know that you are infinitely wise and resourceful.

The only thing you need to do is to make the decision to face them.

*Read up “You Can Heal Your Life” by Louise Hay on the relationship between your mental patterns and diseases. It is one of the very first spiritual books that I came across many years ago and it has remained a classic piece of work till this day. 

Dreams & Vision

Let’s talk about dreams and vision.

Simply defined, a dream is an ideal or an aspiration. A vision is your ability to foresee (usually missing in the link now that’s valuable).

The whole shopping mall near my place was plastered with inspirational quotes when I went to grab some lunch earlier. This is their latest in-mall marketing campaign for the season. In the midst of hustling, our present society requires a lot of in-the-face reminders about how you can create your own success. Many are starting to see the commercial value of it, which may create some good to a certain extend. 

The definition of success may come from anything intangible to tangible. Each view and presentation of this hugely popular word is unique to one. How often do you see an inspirational quote, story or movie and start getting motivated about living yours? Yet, many times, it only lasted for 5 minutes. There is nothing Woo-woo or impractical about these inspirations, since many have lived to share them.

The truth is most of the time, we choose to let it go and leave those dreams and vision as intangible. They only come to life in your magical La La Land. You rather wrap them up in a beautiful bubble and let it float.

Try being curious and ask yourself why is that so?

You may think it’s impractical? Takes too much effort? Or it’s simply impossible.

How about breaking them into bite size and baby steps?

You may say it’s not your priority?

As we dig deeper, you will be surprised that the real reason behind your non-action is fear. Your fear of responsibility, stepping into your own power, not being loved … and the list goes on.

Why dreams and why vision?

·      They aspire and motivate us to become a better version of ourselves.

·      They inspire and let us become an inspiration for others.

·      They make us create a better environment not only for ourselves, but also for our loved ones or even people around the world.

Living into your dream or vision constantly pushes you to the next breakthrough.

You are never too small to live your dream.

The only issue is – are you giving permission for yourself to move closer to it? 

Check out my Facebook Page on a short video posted on 5th Sept, 2017 about The Basics of Dreams & Vision. https://www.facebook.com/TheLuminousLiving/

Some Thoughts About Women Power

What if more women can step into her infinite wisdom and power? What if she can master and play with her personal unique formula of Yin-Yang energies and turn them into beautiful anything in her life? With much clarity and empowerment, she then chooses to stand up for her beliefs. How will that change her life, those around her and the world?

If you have not tapped into this power within you, then it is time to relook at your relationship with yourself. Do you know you? Or are you hiding from you?

It is an endless and is an ever-evolving journey to self-discovery. There are many ways to start, deepen and expedite your journey. One of it is via Akashic Record. Akashic Record is an energetic database of your Soul’s journey since its creation. By accessing the Akashic Record, you get to learn about your unique Soul-level qualities, blocks and restrictions that are stopping you from thriving, your life lessons and even how your Soul is designed to manifest your intention!

When combined with inspired actions and the right mindset, they translate into invaluable gifts in your present life experience. You will know what you need to shine and amplify by a million times to create the experience or outcome you have been seeking. It will inject clarity into your situation, increase your awareness and help you realize that there are infinite possibilities, only waiting for you to create.

Divine guidance or information from the Universe remains as nothing, if they have not been used to turn into the tangibles e.g. your desired outcome or change in beliefs, which brings positive impact to your life. The choice is ours.

There is no escape to life’s reality. Most of the time, facing the truth is scary. Your Soul is here to experience the ups and downs, yet at the same time you are also given the choice to decide how to live this experience. The only difference is, with more clarity and empowerment; you will cruise through the journey with a little more ease and confidence!

I truly foresee the world to be a much gentler place with more love and compassion when more women choose to step into their power and tap into their unique Yin-Yang energies.

On the day you leave this world, what will put a smile on your face? What is it that you can do to leave behind a piece of goodness for our next generation?

Note: You are never too small to create anything great.

Truth before Goal (Gold)

If you agree with the “Law of Cause & Effect” and “Like Attracts Like”, before we go further into setting intention or manifestation of any goals e,g, financial or business goals, perhaps we need to dig into our own AUTHENTICY, INTEGRITY and see if we are taking 100% RESPONSIBILITY of our life. 


Here are some of mine:

THEN - I used to just present what supposed to look right and kept quiet about things ... that’s why I hang on to my corporate job, be a mum and spent my crazy hours working my ass off.


NOW - I left my job, still a mum but seeing this role from a different perspective and no longer working crazy hours … I feel the need to move myself up the priority level! #selflove#soproudofmyself


HOWEVER, two days ago, something hit me again! A spiritual teacher that I met very briefly told me I had confidence issue and it would be my biggest blockage in whatever I do, even though I am meant to excel! Woo wow… I thought I hid it very well in the deepest layer! It was not supposed to surface and no one should even take a peep at it. Looks like as much as the Universe is always backing us, she also has her eyes on us.

In the light of this, I decided to dig deeper within and share 3 new hidden truths that I have been keeping quiet (again), and yes because it looks “right” and “better” that way (again).


Hidden Truth #1

I am not actively working on my new business (and of course not reaching my financial goals) because I have fear about doing more work. I don't want to go back to my workaholic self. 

New insight -> Why do I need this if I know how and can align myself to my Soul? It is totally not about working harder … but pure laziness and the fear of the possible tradeoff with my personal time, which I now hold dearly.


Hidden Truth #2

I do not like to go on Facebook Live or be the center of attention, because I do not have the confidence that I can speak, look or present well and most importantly how people view it.

New Insight -> This is so crazy! I’m so needy!!! I AM GOOD ENOUGH!


Hidden Truth #3

I love learning and take on a few things on my plate that it has left me feeling tired, not having enough time, no focus and eventually wonder if it’s good investments or just money running away?

New Insight -> This is an old habit knocking at my door again. I have not make the decision and simply just want it all. I love diversity and confidence is an issue. Hence I am looking for THINGS to fill up this gap, hoping that I will feel better. However, I forget that before I truly “feel better”, I probably need to meet the shadow side of it. Also, my Soul is not "designed" to do well this way!


Ok, it’s your turn -> What is it that you are hiding or running away from yourself now?


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Are You Giving Yourself Permission?

Are you giving yourself permission to live the life you have been searching for? Most of the times, we are the ones setting all limitations. We ended up feeling dissatisfied with life, shut ourselves down to possibilities and opening a window for fear to step in. Emotionally, we begin to feel unsettled. The cycle goes on in repetition, maybe for a little while you feel better but the dissatisfaction somehow finds its way to creep in.


The main reason is probably because your soul is not self-expressed. Our souls live into this lifetime to experience it-self but you are not creating that channel of expression and experience. Hence, it is knocking on your door, begging to be heard. Your soul may even push you into stressful situations so you can start to be aware.

When you are living from your soul, you are allowing JOY and ABUNDANCE into your life. You are stopping the fear and doubt that have been bringing you on roller coaster rides at the doorstep.


Our souls are filled with unique gifts that are waiting to shine, share its loving brilliance and be expressed. When the soul feels happy and fulfilled, abundance of sorts such as money will start to flow. Hence, do not see money as what we create but a self-expression tool to realize our full potential.


We need to release all baggages (from past & present), reconnect, give ourselves permission to step into our own power and most importantly, take inspired actions.

You might have already started your journey to self-discovery, or feeling a strong calling to do something different to your life. Wherever you are, know that you are at the right place. It is this awareness that leads you to the next step, only if you allow.

Do make time for your daily quiet moments with my “Purify & Listen to Your Soul” meditation on this website so you can pause and listen, feel or sense what your soul is trying to tell you.

Accelerate your path to joy and abundance with a 90-minute Discover & Clarity Akashic Record Intensive with me to find out more about your soul-level gifts and release the baggages that stop you from thriving. You will be put in a position of clarity, empowerment and courage to move forward to your next step.

Listening to Your Soul

Akashic Record is one of the resources where I receive a lot of wisdom. One of the most basic, obvious yet important truth is that we need to be true to ourselves and align to our soul.

Ok, so aligning to our soul…what does that mean? It means knowing who you truly are and having the integrity to live it. I have to say that for the longest time I don't know who am I. Someone used to tell me that I don't know what I want in life. I was not exactly happy ...that’s the ego part of me talking but yes, truly, I probably didn’t know then. I was searching and doing everything external, pushing myself hard at work and trying my best in whatever role I was in….which only left me exhausted.

I was an unhappy…. even when I was blessed with a cute new-born baby, because that was like added responsibility and obligations! Aha! The universe always its way to make sure the law of cause and effect works. ;) I’ll come back and share about it in another post or video.

When I decided to leave my “puppet” self, I really did receive abundance in different forms …money that came unexpectedly, I had more time for myself, my family and able to slow down and collect pieces of myself back. Who on earth in the busy corporate world has such luxuries? Maybe there are, but most did not.

Doing what’s uncomfortable, speaking my truth and allowing myself to be vulnerable ...  and yes that’s part of my journey to authenticity and aligning with my soul.

Everything has its time to bloom and flower. Start yours by listening to your soul, set the intention and take the desired actions! 

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The Decision is Yours

I don't come to where I am today overnight. There had been a lot of trauma, internal struggles, tears, doubts, unknown fear, reflection and times of solitude. Every single drop of these experiences, lead me to where I am now.  There’s always an on-going search to make things better, better for myself, to feel and live good, in hope that my loved ones will be moving in the same direction.

It is always easy to blame. Looking back at your life, how often can you see that it's your limiting beliefs that pose to be the true obstacle? How often is it that you are not strong enough internally to shoulder and face the challenge in face? It's often no fault of anyone’s, but ourselves. We chose to walk on the path of familiarity…sometimes a path that others plotted, a path that we know would be supported...though these paths might not be the best for our unique expression.

There’s nothing right or wrong with whichever path you choose. It’s the experience that accumulates and makes YOU the end product. We need the lows to appreciate the highs. At the end of the day, it’s what we learnt about ourselves from the experience that will make a difference in my future choices, our life. Do we choose to repeat the familiarity? It is fine if the consistency makes you feel good. In any times when it does not, pause and reflect why. Make space for some exploration and discovery within.

Change requires a whole lot more effort and energy. However, taking action for change is probably better than doing nothing. With action, there comes a result ... no matter how small it is, you can then decide if you want it. You can then choose to include or exclude that in your life.

There are 2 ways of living - live from CHOICE or RE-ACTION.

The decision is yours.

Respecting Life

I don't have a good story. My story is simply about an inexperienced mother in search of a better and meaningful life for my child, family, myself and perhaps all that I love. I’m learning my ropes and exploring every moment to become a better person and enjoying life at the same time. IT’S HARD! All (true) mummies are busy and have their own set of worries, which is unexplainable to most.

I want my child to be happy, healthy, cultured, witty and funny. I want my life to be exciting, meaningful, filled with love and fun. I want…and what is it with all this endless list of WANTS?! Perhaps when it all becomes a part of life, there will be no WANTS as they are already there, in my life. How then do I create this life? Is it a lifestyle? Is it a belief? Is it a culture or religion?

Allow me to share what I gathered from my last 6 years of roller coaster experience as a working mum, or maybe a mum who wants it all. I envisioned myself to be a power woman who can balance work and family. Well, isn’t that what modern women are all about? We are the best and no longer take the back seat like 50 years ago. We are in CONTROL!

Oops…it seemed all tumbling down when I tried to be in control. I could not control when my child was sick and I needed to be at work for an important meeting. I could not be in control when the market was flooded with food safety issues when I wanted the best for my family. I could not be in control when I had to be away and there was no nanny at work…. there were too many “unpredictables”.

Yes, you may say “Come on, that’s life!” but isn’t there a way out? A way to at least let us know how to handle and be at ease with modern day stress and challenges? Over the years, I’ve gathered a simple, basic truth. Respect life. Listen to what life has to say. It is not only about my life but everything that is interconnected to make what my life is now, down to the fundamentals - the air that I breathe, water that I drink, universe that houses me, food that fills me, all my love ones and even strangers that I meet on a night out for dinner. What is this respect? What do I have to listen? WHY? My humble definition -- because they are part of my life, my experience and my memories. 

Recognising & Allowing

I had an amazing conversation with a beautiful soul today…. a young lady who’s going through a lot of pain as she’s filled with so much empathy that she has no idea how to hold her boundary! Pain is there to make us be aware but we don't have to shoulder it. If we increase our self-awareness by recognising, addressing and accepting our challenges, we will stop the struggle by finding an inner peace within. With that, comes clarity and courage, which you need to find from nowhere. Transformation doesn’t happen overnight. Please do know that - you are simply on the journey to become a great being, but you need to allow it.

Allow Imperfection

I am back to my working mode…making sure I get myself all ready to fill up my calendar. As much as I’ve already 80% full, I was actually anxious. The perfectionist is coming back to work. I wondered why was the 20% not filled up? Before retiring to bed, I drew a card. Guess what? I was told not to always want to be on top of things! Yes, ALLOW IMPERFECTION! Leave room for “things” to happen … just like the yin & the yang … the sun and the moon. It’s not about having all, or keeping it 50-50 balance but an appropriate balance, enabling room for fluidity. Just as it is for your health. Is it all about an equal portion of healthy eating, exercise and sleep? I bet there's more to it and each individual's needs is different. 

In the midst of imperfection, tune in, observe, learn and enjoy the journey.