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Leading From The Soul

I looked at the old me - the one that persisted on taking actions to do things the "right" way.

The "right" way might not be anything truly "right" but a set of conditioned beliefs and sometimes fear. The fear of being judged and being thought as otherwise.

Being "right" allowed me to fit in and so I belonged. I needed to be somewhere for I wasn't really clear who would I be if alone - no community, no tribe, no team, no friends, no family ...

And so I compromised.

I am not a whole lot different now but I am definitely living from a different place. Now, I get clear on my values and their relationships with my priorities. I still embrace differences with an open heart but know where to draw my boundaries.

Everyone is different and I understand my own made-up therefore I realign my energies to match my desires.

I acknowledge and accept my wounds, patterns and weaknesses - reflect, take a bow and shift.

Having a goal and taking actions are important but nothing beats actions that come from a place of non-doing, a place of ease and pleasure (loads of inner work needed!).

I've reaffirmed my views about leadership.

You are a leader when you hold a vision, overflow with abundance from within and take actions from this place of prosperity and sharing - soft and tender.

Everyone can be a leader if you allow yourself to be led by your soul. Hence it's not about "following" but finding the alignment - even when it comes to working with a leader that you respect.

Yes, there's ups and downs in life but when you allow yourself to soften and release the need to control, you become strong from inside.

You start to live YOU.

This is when and where you truly belong - to your SOUL and the WORLD.


Are You Giving Yourself Permission?

Are you giving yourself permission to live the life you have been searching for? Most of the times, we are the ones setting all limitations. We ended up feeling dissatisfied with life, shut ourselves down to possibilities and opening a window for fear to step in. Emotionally, we begin to feel unsettled. The cycle goes on in repetition, maybe for a little while you feel better but the dissatisfaction somehow finds its way to creep in.


The main reason is probably because your soul is not self-expressed. Our souls live into this lifetime to experience it-self but you are not creating that channel of expression and experience. Hence, it is knocking on your door, begging to be heard. Your soul may even push you into stressful situations so you can start to be aware.

When you are living from your soul, you are allowing JOY and ABUNDANCE into your life. You are stopping the fear and doubt that have been bringing you on roller coaster rides at the doorstep.


Our souls are filled with unique gifts that are waiting to shine, share its loving brilliance and be expressed. When the soul feels happy and fulfilled, abundance of sorts such as money will start to flow. Hence, do not see money as what we create but a self-expression tool to realize our full potential.


We need to release all baggages (from past & present), reconnect, give ourselves permission to step into our own power and most importantly, take inspired actions.

You might have already started your journey to self-discovery, or feeling a strong calling to do something different to your life. Wherever you are, know that you are at the right place. It is this awareness that leads you to the next step, only if you allow.

Do make time for your daily quiet moments with my “Purify & Listen to Your Soul” meditation on this website so you can pause and listen, feel or sense what your soul is trying to tell you.

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