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Soul Purpose

I see many wonder and seek to gain clarity about their soul purpose. In fact, I have been one for a long time and figured some things out along the way.

Understanding your spiritual gift and talent through the Akashic Records is a very useful way to find out how you can leverage them in your purpose. With that knowledge you may still be wondering what should you be doing with it?

Give this a thought - what if you expand and diversify this concept of finding your soul purpose beyond one specific idea or role?

Since our souls are here to live the human experience, it makes sense that our soul purpose will be to experience what excites and fulfills us.

It is one that sparks a connection within and beyond.

It is one that reveals you to your deeper truth.

It is one that allows you to creatively express yourself with much ease and pleasure all around your heart.

When your perspectives expand, you are opening invitation to new experiences. There is no limitation to what your soul purpose "should" be.

When you call in more feelings and experiences of fulfillment, ease and pleasure, pause and see how your reality has changed. See how you are filled up with abundance and vitality which overflow from your life to others.

Identify and recognize the common theme around all these experiences. It may not be anything dreamy or fanciful but it is definitely what makes you tick.

This, is probably the soul purpose you've been searching for.

The question now is how do you surrender into your purpose? ❤️🧚‍♂️