Karin's reading was bang on. She clearly is a gifted intuitive. She has such a soothing voice and manner. It is so clear that she cares and she is so loving and playful that I felt really at ease. The session felt nourishing. I actually feel strengthened by Karin's support. It was great for my business, there was valuable information that I am going to implement right away. And it also felt like self care, I feel truly supported by my session with Karin.

~ Karen Falkenspence, Sunlight Insight Web Development

Karin has a wonderful friendly disposition and it was great working with her. I really enjoyed her Akashic Record reading as it was very intuitive, insightful and she was very honest with her reading. There was a healing aspect to her reading as it allowed for a deep understanding of aspects, which may be holding me back from reaching my ultimate best version of myself and truly helped me know "thyself". 

~ Maria Christoforatos

Very practical advice on taking day-to-day action. It pairs very well with understanding the broader concept of life, and then followed by real solutions on the actions we can take to make it happen.

~ Toh Lay Ping

I very much enjoyed the session with Karin as it combined aspects of insight, guidance and motivation wrapped up in a quilt of genuine care and concern for my well-being in addition to sharing the ways to reach and achieve my full potential.

~ Cherisa Kwong

Karin is a very friendly and sincere person. She is quite spot on in many areas of my Akashic Record reading. Very patient and comprehensive in answering questions which I raised during the session.

~ Wang Sook Chern

 Karin is compassionate and cares for the people that she works with. Her words are uplifting and encouraging, even in areas of improvement. Certain aspects of my life became clearer and there is greater self awareness.

~ Toh Lay Ling