I am here to walk, share and support you on this journey to your scared wonderland, where you can live and shine in infinite luminosity, deep into your body & soul.



I am here to walk, share and support you on this journey to your scared wonderland, where you can live and shine in infinite luminosity, deep into your body & soul.

Does your life look perfect to those around you, but you feel a lack of clarity and fulfillment?

Maybe you…

  • Know you deserve and capable of so much more, but you just let your present auto pilot lifestyle run you

  • Secretly yearn to have extra time or money to do whatever you want

  • Feel like you’re torn in all directions but you have none for yourself

  • Live your life like a walking zombie, all tired with no soul.

  • Realize your relationships are not as healthy as they could be

  • Want a work-life-family balanced lifestyle

  • Have no motivation to move forward to your dreams and vision

  • Feel unfulfilled and dissatisfied with your life

  • Whatever the case may be, you feel stuck. But you hear your inner voice calling for help

Sound familiar?

I experienced all of the above once, and I WAS THERE for a LONG…LONG…time!

There were times when I wondered how would I lead my life if there were no fears? If I had the clarity, courage and strength to be who I wanted to be? The GOOD NEWS is…there is a journey to a new way of living my life. It is an invitation to travel on a path true to my soul, to a state of inner calmness and clarity, where abundance exists in infinity.  With true authenticity and a mindful heart, strength and courage will grow and radiate from within.

You do not have to find them elsewhere.

Understanding your Soul-level gift and purpose is the way to find that

FULFILLMENT and ABUNDANCE that you have been searching. 


1. Receive a deeper understanding, clarity and insight to your present life or business situation through Akashic Record. 

2. Understand, leverage and maximise your life or business potential by putting your Soul-level natural gift & talent in the spotlight.

3. Break free from limiting beliefs or conformity that no longer serve your highest good. 

4. Learn how to increase your awareness, align to your Soul and be authentic.

5. Get empowered to move forward to your dreams & vision by releasing your limiting beliefs.

6. Get motivated to put practical plans and actions together that are aligned to your Soul's manifesting blueprint.

7. Receive energetic healing, cleansing and energising where necessary.





Whether you are looking to discover your gifts, take practical steps towards your goals or to completely reach your next level of self-mastery, I have 2 options that will be custom-tailored uniquely to you.

All of my programs include Akashic Record reading, along with mindset, energy work, my intuitive gift and personal life experience to provide insight, clarity, empowerment, increase your awareness and connection to your Soul. 

I know it's tiring and draining to run around with worries and to live your life in fears and doubts. 

We need to go through the journey but we can also choose to navigate with a bit more courage and confidence.





A starter kit to guide you on how to increase your awareness to your Soul Purpose. This kit can is also a fantastic tool if you are looking to increase your awareness in general.

Discover & ClarityIntensive-2.png

A personalised Akashic Record session to discover and gain clarity on your gifts at a soul level and blocks & restrictions that prevent you from thriving. 

In 12 weeks, we will focus on diving deep to work on how to leverage your gift in life & business, shine your talents, identify your blockages, align, and work on your plan to reach your next level of self mastery!


What others say ...

What others say ...


The information Karin shared with me about my unique gifts, strengths, and areas where I can make the most impact and difference in the world were spot on. The information she shared with me, she could not have gathered by reading any of my social media or looking me up anywhere. It felt so reassuring and exciting to have someone who's never met me or worked with me validate everything I felt to be true.  It encouraged me and helped me feel supported on the path I'm on. She also gave me insights on what my next best steps were and where I could focus to increase my business, results with clients and fulfillment and satisfaction in all areas of my life. I truly felt seen, heard and supported in all areas and enjoyed every moment of talking to Karin. She is genuine, caring and able to connect to information and answers to support and encourage you, no matter where you are on your journey. 

~ Luciania Naldi, CEO & Founder, Luciania Naldi-d.b.a 17 Trees



Truly a one of a kind experience...

Wow! Working with Karin has been truly a one of a kind experience. The sessions I have with Karin are amazing, so unique and unlike any other readings or energy sessions I have ever had. As an energy worker myself I have experienced a lot of different techniques and modalities, and the way Karin goes through the process of unlocking and unleashing the information of your soul is truly one of a kind. This is not just a generalized reading, it is specific to you, your soul, the obstacles and blockages you are currently going through and the reasons behind them. 

When I listen to Karin speak about the many different aspects contributing to one of my blockages of receiving, it was an eye opener - I was overwhelmed with joy knowing what the root cause of my blockage was so I could take the time to work on it, understand it, and then release it instead of spending YEARS trying to figure out the exact reason. Karin is very sensitive, thorough, direct, kind, non-judgmental, caring, intuitive and loving in her approach while working with you. After my sessions, I have so much energy, my confusion is cleared and I have the most productive day, no resistance, no procrastinating, no overthinking I just know what has to be done and I do it. 

Working with Karin has allowed me to up-level in my business and my personal life so fast I’ve gone from receiving $0 months to five figure months in my business, became more visible online and offline and was able to work continually from my heart space and in the flow knowing that I am WORTHY of receiving all my dreams and desires.  We all want the answers to life’s obstacles, why it’s happening, how to work through it and what is the best direction for me and my highest good. Well, look no further - book in with Karin ASAP - it will change your LIFE! I cannot thank Karin enough for the invaluable insights, clarity and direction she has given me and look forward to continue in working with her.

~ Jaime Pallotolo, Healer & Energetic Mentor at Jaime Pallotolo


I highly enjoyed and benefitted from working with Karin; with her kind and gentle manner, Karin asks great questions,deeply listens and uses her intuitive skills to support journeys forward. I feel more aligned with my purpose to inspire peace, love and joy since my session with Karin. 

~ Joy Resor, Founder & CEO, Joy On Your Shoulders



Karin's reading was bang on. She clearly is a gifted intuitive. She has such a soothing voice and manner. It is so clear that she cares and she is so loving and playful that I felt really at ease. The session felt nourishing. I actually feel strengthened by Karin's support. It was great for my business, there was valuable information that I am going to implement right away. And it also felt like self care, I feel truly supported by my session with Karin."

~ Karen Falkenspence, Owner, Sunlight Insight Web Development


I had never heard of Akashic reading. We had a long consultation where Karin explained very patiently my reading, answered my numerous questions and gave me so much to think about after the reading.
She highlighted my strengths which I now know how to use to my advantage, in order to align myself closer to my purpose and also areas where I need work on to be a better version of me.
Karin has a lovely, gentle and non-judgemental manner, creating a safe setting which gave me confidence to reveal my inner thoughts to her.
She is also excellent at following up and I feel reassured because I know she is only an email/text away. I think about my “purpose” everyday now so thank you, Karin!

~ Josephine One Gray


I very much enjoyed the session with Karin as it combined aspects of insight, guidance and motivation wrapped up in a quilt of genuine care and concern for my well-being in addition to sharing the ways to reach and achieve my full potential.

~ Cherisa Kwong, Founder, TribeXplorers


Karin has a wonderful friendly disposition and it was great working with her. I really enjoyed her Akashic Record reading as it was very intuitive, insightful and she was very honest with her reading. There was a healing aspect to her reading as it allowed for a deep understanding of aspects, which may be holding me back from reaching my ultimate best version of myself and truly helped me know "thyself". 

~ Maria Christoforatos


Very practical advice on taking day-to-day action. It pairs very well with understanding the broader concept of life, and then followed by real solutions on the actions we can take to make it happen.

~ Toh Lay Ping


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